The 25 Most Used Paid Android Apps Keeping Users Engaged in the UK


Here at SimilarWeb we’re all about usage patterns, because they reveal the true value of any app by measuring user behavior. That’s why we’ve been touting the release of our App Engagement feature in several blog posts, including our lists on the top used apps in the US.

Why are these lists so important for app developers and marketers? Knowing which apps are keeping users is only half the battle. By reviewing the most used apps (free and paid) by country or category, you can get a really good idea of why certain apps seem to be doing better at retention, and you can learn from the successes (and failures) of your competitors.

Yesterday we published our first post on the 25 most used free Android apps in the UK, with a link to download the full list. Today we’re following up with this post with a counterpart list on the UK’s 25 most used paid Android apps. You can also download the full list of 50.

most used paid android apps UK feb 2015


Games are clearly the winners here (pun intended), with 6 of the top 25 being gaming apps. 5 of these gaming apps appear in the top 15, reinforcing the statement that the gaming app market is one of the most lucrative in the industry.


Also making a strong statement on the list are personalization apps, especially the various “launchers” that allow mobile users to customize and streamline their smartphone interface. The popularity of social apps is clear, too. While  typically dominating the free app category, social apps are making headway in paid apps as well, with a few Twitter and Reddit related apps in addition to hot social networking app Badoo.


And speaking of Badoo, some of the top paid apps have also improved their rank place in the app index since last month. Badoo Premium is one such example. The premium version of the social networking & dating app has climbed the ranks to place in at 15 on the app index in February. Just a month earlier, Badoo barely made the list of top 25 paid apps in the UK, squeaking by at number 24 on the index. Social apps are more popular than ever, so we’re not too surprised that this hotter-than-ever dating app is keeping users enamored.


Another “rising star” paid app is the Battery HD Pro, which despite its rather lackluster name is quickly ascending the ranks of the app index. In January the battery came in at 16 on the app index; just one month later the app climbed twice as high to number 8 on the app index.


But the biggest “app accomplishment” this month in terms of increasing usage patterns is Wordfeud Mastermind, the word gaming app that in January ranked in at 277 for paid apps in the UK. What a difference a month can make: The gaming app now amongst other major players, coming in at 25 on the app index. It’ll be interesting to see if this app will continue to hold court on the list, perhaps even outpacing the original Wordfeud app.


Check back next month for more top used apps…there are always surprises in the app index, and by viewing their change in rank you can start to understand how these select few are beating out other top apps by keeping users engaged for longer.

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