The coming of age for display advertising as Google Analytics Premium merges with DoubleClick Digital Marketing


By Cursorch

I wrote, last week, about how the Google Analytics Summit 2014 had recently taken place and allowed Google to discuss new features and products that they had developed. Premium customers, developers and partners were all present to give their feedback on these features. This week, I shall be looking at the recent merging of Google Analytics Premium with DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DCDM) and DoubleClick Bid Manager (DCBM).

This coming together of brands means that users have received an added bonus in the quest to engage with customers. GAP users will be able to take advantage of the experience that DCDM bring to the table regarding ad campaigns across multiple channels and devices. This new analysis will provide new visibility regarding the customer’s journey and help engage them from as many angles as possible. I decided to delve a little deeper in to the changes this will bring for marketeers.




DCDM will now integrate data from your DoubleClick Campaign Manager service directly into your GAP reports. This allows you to understand the activity taking place at the top of the conversion funnel. Currently, most marketeers concentrate on the last few steps of the conversion funnel to fully understand what triggers the customer to hit the ‘PAY’ button. GAP’s new capabilities mean that you can scrutinize your display campaigns and ascertain which channels are driving customers into the funnel.

As anyone who’s ever put a budget together understands, making the most of your marketing costs is important as costs can soon spiral if you’re not careful. You want to see a decent ROI on your marketing investments and display advertising is no different.  GAP users can now operate with the knowledge DCDM brings them an enhanced and more detailed view of the customer’s activity at the top of the funnel.  The genius of this integration is that GAP and DCDM both use the same dimensions and campaign hierarchies, so the integration will appear seamless and not require any further training.

DCBM, of course, also plays an important role in this integration as their knowledge of real time remarketing adds an extra dimension to GAP’s marketing prowess. Granular remarketing lists created in GAP can now be shared with DCBM’s advertising account to allow marketeers to purchase display advertising in real time across ad exchanges. This demand-side platform option will bring a new effectiveness in shaping ad campaigns and remarketing products to clinch conversions.

Ad campaigns enhanced

The digital world is a very busy one and the last thing marketeers want to be doing is wasting time trying to combine reports from multiple tools. The integration of DCDM into GAP means that time is saved with analysis and allows more time to plan advertising campaigns. The option of enhanced remarketing from the integration of DCBM is also proving lucrative by providing tailored display ads to conversions which were otherwise slipping away. It’s an excellent step forward for GAP and has impressed marketeers the world over such as Melissa Shusterman (Strategic Engagement Director) at MaassMedia:

“We added Google Analytics Premium and DoubleClick Bid Manager integration this year in order to further optimize our strongest lead generating campaigns. 70% of our display leads come from our re-targeting campaigns, and the Google Analytics Premium and DoubleClick Bid Manager integration allows us to move beyond optimizing by site and creative, to quickly personalizing creatives – optimizing using our knowledge of distinct visitor segments not just generic visits.”

The final part of my series on features highlighted at the Google Analytics Summit 2014 will be published next week and takes a look at Enhanced Ecommerce which promises to help you understand your customers like never before.

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