The Greatness of Marketing Tools, Services and Apps Lists

Every once in a while, there’s a blogger that takes the time to gather up a long list of tools, services, sources of information or inspiring examples. Such lists are highly useful and save a lot of time, which is quite a significant save for most online marketeer.

One such list, which is worth mentioning, is this 215 apps, platforms and tools list, all associated mainly with SEO, but is also relevant to general online marketing and website management.

Going over the list, I found a lot of tools I’m familiar with, including our very own, located under the ‘Competitive Analysis’ category. There were also a lot of tools that were new to me, which I plan to check further.

Some examples of such tools that caught my eye:

  • WhiteSpark, which helps you determine where to list your business
  • The Microdatagenerator, which offers additional options, on top of what the Structured Data Markup Helper by Google offers. This tool especially fits local businesses since it helps you add micro data to things like opening hours, contact details and payment methods.
  • The gives you instant analysis of your site’s performance. I recommend using this for PPC landing pages which get low quality score.

The list is long and definitely worth a read. Thumbs up for UpCity for creating it for the benefit of us all.

Image by Justin See

About the Author -

Natalie Halimi is the Head of Marketing Communications & Education at SimilarWeb. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Natalie has promoted services and products in the B2C and B2B arenas, in various industries.

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