The Insanely Popular Fitness App that Could Help America Get in Shape



Exercise tracker FitBit is growing in popularity at an enormous rate. Be still our beating hearts! (And yes, there’s a heart rate tracker available on some models, too). The item is currently the 2nd most searched product directing traffic to, which is indicative of the brand’s growing success. And with Fitbit trackers ranging from $59 to $249, these devices are selling like pricey little hotcakes.


Fitbit recently filed legal papers with the SEC in advance of its Initial Public Offering (IPO).  According to the San Francisco-based company, its “apps were ranked in the top five among Health & Fitness apps in both the iOS App Store and Google Play during 2014 and during the first quarter of 2015.”


You can see that the data confirms these statements for 2015. The chart below illustrates that FitBit’s Android app in the Google Play store was ranked first in the Health & Fitness category from February 26 through May 26, 2015.




Similarly, the chart below shows that FitBit’s app in Apple’s iOS App Store was ranked first in the Health & Fitness category for February, March, and April 2015.




If FitBit’s Andorid app statistics are any indication of the success of the company’s pending IPO, it could have a banner year. That’s because the app – which only works with FitBit exercise tracking devices – rose from being on 1.57% of all Android phones in November 2014 to being installed on 2.38% of all Android smartphones in April 2015.


SimilarWeb’s mobile app tracking data also shows that 67% more FitBit users on Android were active last month than in November 2014. That means many people who received their FitBit devices in December are likely keeping their New Year’s resolutions to stay fit! This is a very positive trend for Americans who may need this kind of app more than According to the World Health Organization (WHO) adult obesity rates have doubled since 1980, and in 2014 more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight.




So if rising usage patterns and install rates for the Fitbit app on all devices continue along this positive trend, that indicates more Americans are paying attention to health and fitness. If this is the case, then the makers of Fitbit aren’t the only winners here.  America, keep up the good work – and your heartrates!

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Joel Zand is a content manager and researcher at SimilarWeb. With extensive content marketing and social media experience, he is a former practicing lawyer who worked at the legal startups Justia and FindLaw. Joel is passionate about Apple technology and dogs.

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