The Most Popular Netflix Shows In US And UK

netflix25th August 2014 saw the holding of the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards to celebrate and reward the stars of television. With the success of these shows people have been saying, for the last few years, that TV is the new cinema; online platforms such as Netflix are helping to satisfy this demand for TV and also helping to shape the TV industry. With all this in mind I decided to look at the winners from the Emmy awards and how they correlate with the successful shows on Netflix in the US and UK.


Netflix Figures

Using SimilarWeb PRO I looked at the number of page views that individual shows had received.

The biggest winners on the night were Breaking Bad and it is as equally successful on Netflix – taking the number 3 and 1 positions in the US and UK respectively. At the number 1 position for Netflix US (and number 2 in the UK) is Orange Is the New Black, but it failed to take home a single award despite being tipped for best comedy.

Sherlock is the only one of two UK produced shows (the other being Doctor Who) in the top 30 traffic destinations for Netflix US, so it’s success in the Emmys may have come as a surprise to many casual television fans. In Netflix UK it fares slightly better, but is still only the third most successful UK show on the chart behind Doctor Who and The Inbetweeners.

Despite its success at the Emmys this year, Modern Family doesn’t even manage to crack the top 30 shows for Netflix US. This is a real surprise as it’s a successful show the world over, but it will be interesting to see if it rises up through the ranks on Netflix US after the buzz of its Emmy awards. On Netflix UK it performs much more in line with its success at the awards by taking the number 8 position.


Predicting The Winners

My findings have shown that although it’s possible to gauge the potential for success at awards ceremonies off the back of Netflix traffic, it’s not guaranteed. Sheer numbers of viewers certainly proved successful for Breaking Bad, but the equally successful Orange Is the New Black went home empty handed despite many nominations. Conversely, Sherlock and Modern Family aren’t as successful in the Netflix rankings as other shows, but still managed multiple wins. Some might claim that the Emmy awards are more to do with the quality of a show rather than the buzz surrounding it.

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