The New Hyundai & Google Collaboration – A New Frontier for Search Engines and Mobile OS?

HYUNDAI MOTOR AMERICA BLUE LINK TECHNOLOGYIt’s been said that, one day, Google will take over the world. The new Hyundai-Google collaboration might be another step on that road. Earlier this year, Hyundai announced that their next generation Blue Link System will include a Google powered destination search. On February 7th, Hyundai issued a press release which revealed that more than half a million cars in the U.S., which are already on the road, will be upgraded to this system.

Barry Ratzlaff, executive director, Customer Connect and Service Business Development, Hyundai Motor America:


If one of our subscribers or potential subscribers reaches up and presses the Blue Link or Enhanced Navigation button they will have access to Google’s search accuracy and Google Maps’ destination location information when they search for U.S. destinations

To make the user experience comfortable and safe, the search is also available via voice recognition. If this system can deliver what it promises, the option of using smart phones or portable GPS devices will become redundant. Today, most vehicles have a multimedia receiver – a built-in touch screen with a computer that controls the multimedia systems in the car. It’s only a matter of time before other car manufacturers will want their own operating systems to adopt this upgrade.

Is this going to become another field where all the search giants are going to make their best effort to dominate as much market share as possible?

In June, 2013, published an article listing four reasons why Google had purchased Waze, the Israeli social navigation application. One of those reasons was keeping it out of Facebook’s and Apple’s reach. It seems like this last announcement by Hyundai makes that theory more of a reality. Whether it’s just the first step of a multiple stage, long term plan, or it’s a one-time deal with Hyundai, Google has made a very good business decision here that will significantly grow their digital market domination.

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