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Reply All is an extremely popular podcast that launched in November 2014 by Gimlet Media, a digital media company created by American entrepreneur Alex Blumberg. The show titles itself as, “A show about the Internet,” and launches a new episode every Wednesday. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, the podcast explores different corners of the internet and this often involves taking a deep dive into a particular website or app. This exposure has, in many cases, led to a major increase in traffic to the website in question, a phenomenon we have called the ‘Reply All Effect’. This Effect can be seen in several cases below, all from recent episodes that aired between November 2015 and January 2016.Before discovering the Reply All effect on other websites, the data also shows the podcast’s launch having a huge effect on

Before discovering the Reply All effect on other websites, the data also shows the podcast’s launch having a huge effect on‘s traffic. From November to December 2014, Gimlet’s website saw a 303% increase in traffic, and the site grew to almost half a million visits in June 2015.

gimlet traffic

Nearly a year after they launched, Reply All aired their 46th episode on November 12th, 2015, surrounding one woman’s struggle to reclaim her beloved pug from a pug rescue site, Prior to this episode, entitled ‘Rainbow Pug,’ the Curly Tail Pug Rescue website had a small audience, but received a huge boost in November and December 2015. One month prior to the episode, the site received 1,500 desktop visits but increased 87% to 2,800 visits in November.


In episode 48 which aired on December 9th 2015, PJ and Alex discuss e-mail accidents and those errant e-mails you wish you could take back. One service was mentioned as a way to solve this problem, and a link to the site was placed in the show-notes. From November to December 2015, the site grew 75% and had almost 30,000 visits in December 2015, as a result of the Reply All effect.


Episode number 50, entitled ‘The Cathedral‘ went out on January 7th and details a unique video game called That Dragon, Cancer. The game is based on the cancer and death of Amy and Ryan Green’s one-year-old son and the episode explores the game and story behind it. Prior to the podcast episode, the game’s website, had a limited audience but after the episode aired, interest in the game blew up and Reply All, coupled with outside media coverage helped push the page to a high of 39,600 views on January 13th.



Most recently, on January 14th 2016, Reply All aired episode 51, ‘Perfect Crime‘ describing the bizarre Off-Broadway play Perfect Crime which has been running nonstop since 1987. PJ and Alex went to the show themselves and interview Catherine Russell who plays the leading lady. In response to the episode, which gets almost no daily traffic saw a one day high of 850 visits, the second most daily visits to the site in the last 6 months.

perfect crime

When interviewed about his startup, Gimlet Media, Alex Blumberg told TechCruch,  “Our theory is that we’re on the dawn of a second golden age of audio.” In this golden age of audio, where podcasts are striving and aspiring to monetize, SimilarWeb data can be used to discover new revenue opportunities and deploy an effective digital marketing strategy. Furthermore, podcasts such as Reply All can utilize SimilarWeb to get further insights into any website or app.

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