The Top 10 Most Highly-Anticipated Films in the US & UK



One of the highlights of summer is going to the movies. It’s a great way to beat the heat, especially if you’re burned out (literally) from too much sun and sand. As we’ve covered in a recent post, many would-be-moviegoers are skipping the theater and opting to download the hot summer blockbusters from illegal file sharing sites.


But that doesn’t mean that enthusiasm for movies has dwindled by any means. Regardless of whether they’re heading the the theater or to the couch, movie lovers are checking upcoming films on film sites – most notably IMDB.


So which upcoming films are people searching for the most? To find out, we took a look at the ‘Popular Pages’ feature for the ‘Coming Soon’ page on on our market intelligence platform, SimilarWeb PRO. We checked out the previews people were looking up from the past 28 days.


To get a good idea of how people search in different countries, we compared these popular pages on from the US to the UK,  to see if American and British film buffs like the same flicks.


Check out what upcoming movies are generating the most interest in the US and the UK:





As you can see, the top 10 most searched for upcoming films are pretty similar in both the US and the UK, with some differences in terms of the order of positions. But there are a few notable exceptions. The most obvious difference is the number 2 spot, which for US is the Marvel-comic based superhero flick, Ant-Man. In the UK, 2nd place goes to Mr. Holmes, a film that reimagines the later life of renowned fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.


Since the character is based off of a celebrated British literary figure, it’s unsurprising that Mr. Holmes grabbed second place in the UK. It did not make any such impression in the US, however, as the film is absent from the top 10 most popular upcoming releases.


Ant-Man also appeared on the top 10 list for the UK, but at number 4. The comedy Trainwreck was another difference between the lists, as it only appeared on the US list (at number 6) and failed to crack the UK’s top 10 list of most popular upcoming releases.


Another difference between the lists can be seen at number 10. Americans favored the horror film from Warner Bros. The Gallows, which was partially shot in the “found-footage” style made famous in 1999’s The Blair Witch Project.


In the UK, audience’s preferred a more serious “horror” film of sorts, the haunting documentary The Look of Silence. Joshua Oppenheimer’s critically-acclaimed documentary won the Grand Jury Prize of Venice’s International Film Festival as well as a slew of other awards. The Look of Silence is a companion piece to Oppenheimer’s award-winning 2012 documentary The Act of Killing, which focuses on the Indonesian killings of 1965-1966.


Perhaps one of the biggest surprises (at least for us) was the number 1 place on both lists: Terminator: Genisys. This is the 5th film in the terminator series, and thus far the reaction from critics – as well as it’s performance at the box office – has produced rather lackluster results. Some are already claiming that the film was a box office bomb, at least in the US. But perhaps that’s one of the reasons people are checking out the preview – to see if the movie looks to be as bad as the critics claim.

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