The Top 10 Paid & Free Apps in the UK



Recently we’ve covered the top free and paid apps that are the most used in India. We also explored the top free and paid apps in America. This week we’re taking a look at the top free and paid UK apps.




Facebook is of course the undisputed champion, taking top place. The majority of these top free apps have remained in relatively the same rank place in our app index. The rest of the list also contains several other social and communication apps, including Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat.  Twitter is once again absent from top apps. Snapchat has also fallen somewhat in rank, dropping from 7th place to 9th. Instagram also fell one place in rank. It will be interesting to see what happens to these popular social apps in the coming months, and if they will continue to remain on the top apps list.


The newest addition to the top free apps list for the UK is the Clean Master (Boost & App Lock) application, which recently also made India’s top app list. This smartphone optimizer app helps free up storage space, provides security features and also speeds up phone operations. As “the world’s most trusted Android app optimizer,” this app is certainly living up to its slogan, as the usage patterns indicate.




For top paid apps, the list is slightly more varied. Fame is a fickle mistress, and as we’ve seen on other top paid apps list , this sentiment proves especially tue for top paid apps. It would seem that app users are continually changing their usage patterns in terms of apps that they’re willing to pay for.


Then again, in terms of top paid apps there isn’t much of a change amonst the top 4., The top 4 most used paid apps were also the top 4 list toppers last month – Minecraft, Next Launcher 3D Shell, Smart Launcher Pro 3 and MX Player Pro. Aside from the insanely popular paid gaming app Minecraft, the rest of the list toppers are personalization apps. The one exception is MX Player Pro, which is still the most popular (read: most used) paid media player app.


Gone from the list are some surprises: Soccer Scores Pro – Fotmob and Fantasy Premier League 2014/15. These two popular football scoring apps have been replaced by just one, coming in at 6th place – Football Manager Handheld 2015. Meanwhile, Flightradar24 Pro has moved up considerably – from 9th place to 5th place, earning a position in the top 5. Considering the top 4 apps have remain unchanged for months, this is quite an achievement, especially for such a niche-type app. The Flightradar  Flight Tracker app series is the #1 top selling travel app in over 100 countries, but the fact that it ranked so high on the top paid apps list for all categories is notable. The Pro version offers additional features, including the ability to track the flights of planes flying overhead by pointing your device at the aircraft, 3D flight navigation, filtering by speed and altitude and more.


Another interesting app that made this month’s list is Storage Hunters UK: The Game. This increasingly popular gaming app is based off of the hit UK reality TV show, Storage Hunters. The app features host of the show Sean Kelly, and enables you to “visit” auction houses across the UK in search of valuable treasures.


What will next month’s top apps be? Be sure to check back soon to find out!

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