These are the Top 10 Most Popular Paid Apps in the UK



We’re crazy for app usage patterns here at SimilarWeb, and we’re all about sharing these interesting data trends with you. Just a few days ago we showed you the Top 10 Business Apps currently favored by mobile users in India; today we’re giving you a look at the most popular paid apps in the UK.


So here they are, the UK’s Top 10 most popular (read: most used) paid apps for Android users:



Notice a pattern here? The running theme for paid UK apps is entertainment, and the majority of these highly-used apps are gaming apps. Looks like UK smartphone users are keen to pay cash for games – and sport insights as well. Soccer Scores PRO – FotMob is one of the most popular score reporting apps in sports app category.


Other popular paid apps on the list are phone optimizers or entertainment apps. Smart Launcher 3D Shell, for example, is a popular personalization app that is keeping users pleased with a 3D interface. Meanwhile MX Player Pro and TuneIn Radio Pro (numbers 4 and 5, respectively) are video and audio entertainment apps that allow for a superior media experience.


It’ll be interesting to see  how the top US paid Android apps measure up. Stay tuned next week to find out!


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