These Categories are Dominating India’s Top Paid Apps



We’re back with more top paid apps for Android, and this time we’re focusing on India. The US and UK top paid apps were mostly made up of personalization and gaming apps. So how do India’s top paid Android app picks compare?




Indian smartphone users are willing to pay for games, but less so than their fellow US and UK app contemporaries. Only 2 of the top 10 paid apps are games (And notice that the all-consuming Minecraft app is missing; a staple paid app for both US and UK users).


The majority of the apps on this list are a mix between personalization, media, and security-related apps. Three out the 10 top apps are media & video apps, including the top used paid app on the list – MX Player Pro.


Maximizing smartphone performance and usability is most important for Indian app users, from the ability to record calls to battery savers (like Bataria Pro) and 3D launchers.


Speaking of 3D Launchers, two out of the top 3 paid apps on this list are 3D shells. #2 on the List – Next Launcher 3D Shell – also made the top 10 lists for both UK and US paid apps. In the US, it was the #1 most used paid app. As far as 3D visual technology interface is concerned, the Next Launcher is on top of the world!  Other similar apps might have a tough time competing, though TSF Launcher is following close behind at #3 on the list.


For app developers looking to break in to the Indian market, these trending app categories will give insight into which types of apps could be the most lucrative. And be sure to check out the top app’s stats with our app engagement feature, to understand your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.


Check back soon for more top app insights! For more on India, have a look at the top business apps in the market.

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