These Top 10 Apps Will Help You Be More Productive

You’ve heard it from us before – when it comes to apps, we’re all about usage patterns.  That’s because here at SimilarWeb we’ve developed a unique method for measuring user behavior that translates onto app stickiness, or how well an app is doing in terms of keeping users engaged. The SimilarWeb App Usage Index is our ranking system based on actual user behavior that measures real usage patterns – not just store rank and install volume.

This month, we took a look at the top most used productivity apps in the US, to see which apps were really keeping users – well – productive. Have a look:


#1. Super Bright LED Lightflashlight


Of course a flashlight falls under the productivity category, as you are always more productive when you can see what’s going on. Surpax Inc’s ‘Super-Bright LED Flashlight’ is the most successful free productivity app in the US and promises to turn your smartphone into a powerful flashlight. The app achieves this by taking advantage of the device’s LED light and also supports strobe and blinking modes. With this app you need never waste time searching in the dark again.


#2. Alarm Clock Xtremealarmclock


The ‘Alarm Clock Xtreme’ app by AVG Labs comes in 2nd place on our app index. Now you’ll never oversleep with this shrill reminder to get up and kick start your productivity. What makes it Xtreme? Featuring a multitude of customizable options, this app allows you to wake up in the manner that’s best for your needs (e.g. increasing the volume of your alarm gradually and sending you random math problems to dismiss the alarm).


3. DU Battery Saverbattery saver


There’s nothing worse than your mobile device running out of power, so it’s no surprise to see DU Apps Studio’s ‘DU Battery Saver’ in 3rd place. By using a simple set of one touch controls you can optimize your devices’ performance and increase their battery life by 50%. This leaves you with plenty of power to work to your heart’s content on your mobile device.


#4. Inbox by Gmailgmail inbox


Google’s ‘Inbox by Gmail’ comes in at #4 and aims to help focus your email activities by reducing the clutter you dread every time you open an email client. ‘Inbox by Gmail’ features innovative tools such as a streamlined search option and also bundles similar messages together (like all those annoying social media updates) so you can process all your emails quickly and efficiently.


#5. Microsoft Outlookoutlook


Hot on the heels of ‘Inbox by Gmail’ is Microsoft’s ‘Microsoft Outlook’ at 5th place. This work-oriented email app is designed for maximum productivity when it comes to sorting emails and work projects. ‘Microsoft Outlook’ takes full advantage of swipe technology and allows you to quickly move and archive emails with just one touch while the powerful calendar feature always keeps you on top of your schedule.


#6. ColorNote Notepadnotepad


Ranking in at #6 is the ‘ColorNote Notepad’ app which allows you to create notes and checklists to help boost productivity. The text based note option allows you to quickly scribble notes, thoughts and ideas down for later reference whereas the checklist option allows you to organize your day and ensure vital tasks are never missed.


#7. Google Drivegdrive


Google pops up in the top 10 again with ‘Google Drive’ at #7 which allows you to access your important files no matter where you are. ‘Google Drive’, however, is much more than just a standard storage folder and allows your productivity to soar with options such as sharing folders with other users and allowing you to view files offline.


#8. Google Calendargcalandar


Look who’s winning across the app economy: It’s Google again! Google is making another appearance on the list with their ‘Google Calendar’ app ranked in at 8th place. The calendar allows you to add tasks, events and meeting to ensure your daily life stays organized . This dynamic calendar also syncs with your Google account to automatically schedule any event or meeting you have planned via personal or work email. The calendar also offers smart assist technology to quickly log new events.


#9 Any.Do: To Do Listanydo


A lot of the apps on this list fall under the productivity category, but this app really means it. It’s the insanely popular ‘Any.Do: To Do List’ app, and it’s coming in strong at #9. has millions of installs under their productivity belt – now we can see that these users are actually using the app, too. This is the productivity app that focuses on keeping you organized when you need it most. ‘Any.Do: To Do List’ allows you to organize crucial tasks throughout your day to day life such as running reports and filing your expenses. It has a clean, easy-to-use interface and innovative features. The icing on the cake is that the app will sync with all your devices, so failing to maximize your productivity becomes a thing of the past. No excuses! But’s reputation speaks for itself – with millions of users, won Apple’s Intuitive Touch Award and Android’s Best App of 2012.


#10. ES File Explorer File Managerfilemanager


The final app on our list is ‘ES File Explorer File Manager’ by ES App Group and is a file storage/sharing system to provide quick access to your files. ‘ES File Explorer File Manager’ is very hot on syncing with cloud storage and syncs with all the major players, so there’s no need to be carrying a laptop on flash drive with you at all times – all you need is a mobile device.

There you have it, the top 10 most used productivity apps in the United States. If you’re looking to get a jump start on your goals and stay organized, we strongly recommend installing and using some of these great apps. After all, they made the top 10 list for a very good reason!

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Joel Zand is a content manager and researcher at SimilarWeb. With extensive content marketing and social media experience, he is a former practicing lawyer who worked at the legal startups Justia and FindLaw. Joel is passionate about Apple technology and dogs.

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