This Company Increased Traffic & Revenue with Data Insights in 3 Steps [Case Study]

Data-driven insights. It’s the term that everyone in the business is slugging around like the eternally-popular “content is king” catchphrase. But it’s the new weapon of choice for today’s marketing professionals. The digital world is still new frontier for online marketers, and competition is fiercer than ever before. That’s why actionable insights are crucial for modern marketing professionals  – because this kind of data brings results, in the form of increased revenue and ROI.

Recently we worked with Ticketbis, an online ticket-selling platform that allows users to buy and sell tickets to events in different European destinations. Ticketbis’ biggest challenge is expanding their reach to users and partners in local markets. Using SimilarWeb PRO, Ticketbis was able to refine their SEO and Affiliate Marketing strategies – which ultimately led to an increase in site rank, traffic and revenue. They were also able to increase their referral traffic share and expand into relevant geographic markets. And they did it all with our market intelligence platform.

Here’s how Ticketbis is killing it with these actionable insights for local markets:


They Find the Right Keywords

Ticketbis used SimilarWeb PRO to get a closer look at their competitor’s Search traffic. They focused on medium and long-tail keywords driving the most traffic to their main competitors. These types of keywords are especially valuable, since there’s not much competition for them and they have the potential to drive a lot of traffic.

Here you can see Ticketbis’ market share compared to that of one of their main competitors. Check out what happened to Ticketbis’ market share after they started using our platform:

This Company Increased Traffic & Revenue with Data Insights in 3 Steps [Case Study]

Overall, Ticketbis doubled their search market share when compared to one of their main competitors.

 They Find and Establish Deals with Valuable Affiliates

When it comes to finding affiliates, it’s not just about relevancy, it’s about productivity, too. Affiliates are differentiated by the type and category of their respective sites, and also the market share they control. Ticketbis learned from SimilarWeb PRO that in the UK market affiliate sites control a relatively large segment of the travel market.  By filtering for specific countries and analyzing the referrals section for their competitors, Ticketbis’ marketing team is able to hone in on those affiliate sites sending the most visitors to their competitors. The amount of traffic coming from these affiliates was a big surprise for Ticketbis’ marketing team. “We knew these affiliates existed,” said Jorge Diaz Largo, Ticketbis’ VP of Marketing & Product, “but we had no idea they provided so much incoming traffic.”

To illustrate, take a look at how Ticketbis improved their Referrals market share, before and after using data-driven insights:

This Company Increased Traffic & Revenue with Data Insights in 3 Steps [Case Study]



 They Find Strategic Partners in Asian Markets

The Ticketbis team is always looking for partners within the travel industry who can help them expand their reach. By using the ‘Top Sites’ module on SimilarWeb PRO, they’re  able to find strategic partners in Asian markets that otherwise would be difficult for a western company to scan and research. SimilarWeb PRO makes it easier for Ticketbis to quickly pinpoint relevant partners, which can help them expand into these far-east markets.topwebsites asia

top websites asia 2


Thanks to website and industry analysis with our comprehensive market intelligence platform, within months Ticketbis was able to greatly improve their traffic and increase their revenue. In order to stay ahead of the continually-evolving market, Ticketbis should periodically run these types of analyses on the competition.

For a more in depth look at how Ticketbis was able to gain an edge over the completion, check out the full case study here.

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Natalie Halimi is the Head of Marketing Communications & Education at SimilarWeb. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Natalie has promoted services and products in the B2C and B2B arenas, in various industries.

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