This Type of Travel App is the Most Popular for UK App Users

We’re a bit app-crazy this week, with more insights on top apps. This time we stumbled upon some interesting info about UK commuters.

Guess which type of travel app is most favored by UK Android app users? Hint: Tickets, please!

It is not surprising that bus transport is the premier form of public transport in UK, but that bus related apps are used so heavily is somewhat unexpected. Among the top-15 apps in the Travel & Local Category (Google Play Store) there are 8 bus related apps!

topuktravel apps


Case in point: the 2nd most used app in the travel category for the UK is the London Bus Arrival Time app. This app is 2nd to only Google Maps, which is quite a feat for any app. Among the top 5 apps, 3 are bus-related apps.

Other interesting insights from the data include Edinburgh bus apps being so highly ranked. Considering Edinburgh’s size, not even second to London, it still has second or third biggest demand for bus related apps in Great Britain. (My Bus Edinburgh – Official, Edinburgh Bus Tracker).

A closer look revealed how people use top bus related apps, and SimilarWeb data shows interesting differences in usage patterns. After investigating audience interests to see what other apps people who use these (bus related) apps are also using, music streaming apps were prevalent with the breakdown shown below. Scotland may still be part of Great Britain (as a result of September’s referendum), but people there clearly have different taste for music streaming. In Edinburgh, users of bus apps tend to pick Spotify as the streaming service of their choice, while Londoners (at least those who use the bus apps) prefer SoundCloud.

uk bus app users music streaming


There is definitely some food for thought for the two world leading music streaming services. App operators could try targeting these regional audiences in order to reinforce user loyalty. Or perhaps they could take a look at the competition’s app stats with App Engagement to get an idea of how they’re successfully reaching their target audience in the region (ie, Spotify can try targeting London bus app users and SoundCloud can try targeting Edinburgh bus app users).

Both app operators could work at incorporating some features to benefit UK commuters. Maybe some nice waiting music to help them while away the time as they wait for the bus? Or even better – the ability to have the music streaming app of choice as a widget on their bus travel app (or vice versa). Talk about the all-in-one commuting-music app! Why hasn’t someone thought of this yet?

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