Top 10 Free & Paid Android Apps in India


We’re back with top apps, this week focusing on top paid and top free apps in India. Last month we covered top apps in these categories for April, now let’s have a look at which apps are topping the free and paid lists for May.




First up – India’s top free apps (all categories). The list toppers for May are pretty similar to those popular apps we saw in April, with a few exceptions. The most notable absence is Gmail – which was #10 on April’s list. The widely-used email app has been replaced by Clean Master (Boost & AppLock), an Android optimizer that frees up device storage and prevents the phone from overheating. The Google Play store is continually saturated with hundreds of new apps daily so perhaps users are running out of device storage space, creating a real need for the Clean Master app. Because how can you enjoy all the hot new apps out there if your phone is running too slowly – or worse – you have no more room for any new apps?




Top Paid Android apps for May are also similar to April’s editions, but there are more variances here than we see in free apps. For example, Trial Xtreme and jetAudio Music Player + EQ Plus have each moved up one place in rank, as has popular gaming app Temple Run: Oz. Meanwhile, Bataria Pro – the battery saving app that ranked in #4 on the top paid apps index for April – is gone from the list. Another battery saver – DU Battery Saver PRO & Widgets – appears on the list instead, but it’s well below the top 5, coming in at #10 on our list.


One top app that made both lists is the MX Player. Both the free version of the app and the paid version (MX Player Pro) made the respective free and paid top 10 lists for most used apps in India. Clearly, media players are very valuable to Indian Android users, and they don’t mind paying for a quality media app. Those app operators looking to expand into the Indian market could do well with device optimizers and high-quality media players.


We’ll have the top Android apps for India in June next month. In the meantime, check back soon for more top app updates from other countries!

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