Top 10 Most Used Business Apps in India

Recently we’ve been exploring the highly lucrative Indian market, which is expanding on across all fronts. This week we took another look at which apps ranked highest in the App Index – that’s SimilarWeb’s innovative ranking system that measures app performance based on actual usage patterns.

We used the app index data to pull the winners of this week’s app category – Business Apps. Here’s the top 10 most used free business apps in India for Android.




As you can see, the majority of top business apps in India are management systems and organizers, along with software apps that enable users to view and edit documents via their mobile devices.

The top most used app is Zoominfo – People Search, an offshoot of the comprehensive B2B CRM tool Zoominfo. The app allows users to search for potential prospects right from their mobile device. Interesting that this app is the highest ranked in the app index over the more general business apps.

Three of the apps on the top ten list are related to security, with two (App Lock and Hi App Lock 3.0) enabling users to protect certain apps by implementing a security code. The third app – which is the 2nd highest ranked app on the list, is Vault-Hide, which allows users to hide selected videos, pictures, and SMS’s – a useful tool in keeping business and personal media both separate and secure.

Facebook Pages Manager also made the list, which is likely due to the fact that more and more online businesses have Facebook pages. The app enables page admins to seamlessly manager their pages.

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