Top Android Apps in America – Google is Winning and Whatsapp Keeps Climbing


Last week we covered top free Android apps in the UK and India. We noticed that while there were similarities in the top used apps for each country, the overall trending category for each list was a bit different. For example, Facebook, Whatsapp Messenger, and the Google browser app were all list toppers for both countries, but the UK was dominated by far more social apps than India. For Indian app users, personalization apps, browsers, and media apps are key.


So how does the US compare?




Like their British contemporaries, American app users love social and communication apps. 6 out of the 10 top used free Android apps fall into either of these categories. The main difference between the UK and India is the presence of Whatsapp Messenger at #7 on the list. In the UK, Whatsapp took 2nd place, while in India Whatsapp is the most used free Android app, beating out the all-powerful Facebook for first place.


It’s not surprising that Whatsapp is much further down on the list than in the UK or India. Before Facebook acquired the messaging app last year, hardly any Americans used the app. We speculate this is for the same reason that so many people in other countries use the app: It’s great for international texting (because it’s free). In the States, people don’t travel abroad quite as much, so the app is less necessary and “regular” texting works just as well. But thanks to Facebook, Whatsapp is getting more of an American following.


Other social and communication apps on the list include Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger. As with the UK top used apps, Snapchat follows right on the heels of Instagram, and Youtube ranks in at #4.


American app users also use Search apps more often, as both the Google Chrome Browser and the Google quick searchbox apps took 3rd and 4th place, respectively. The US is the only country out of the three we analyzed to have two search browser apps in the top 3.


In terms of the most popular apps common among India, the US and the UK, this is what we discovered: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, both Google apps (Chrome browser and quick searchbox), Whatsapp Messenger and HTC Sense Home are top used apps in all three countries.


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