Top Free Android Apps in August (USA)

SimilarWeb, the leader in digital measurement, has released their August App Index data for global countries. Before moving forward to September, this week we’ll close out the month by looking at the top free Android apps in America for August.


SimilarWeb’s app index is a ranking of apps within a market by the volume of usage. The proprietary ranking is calculated from the percentage of phones that have the app installed, the number of sessions per user, and average session duration.


As is typical of top free apps, the top used free Android apps in August are relatively stable from the previous month. However, there are a few exceptions this month. Of special note is the ascent of personalization app HTC Sense Home, which has climbed from rank 10 to rank 6, overtaking Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat. This is an impressive feat for any top app, especially considering the soaring popularity of these social and communication apps.


YouTube is also on the rise, replacing Google Quick Searchbox at rank #4. This month communication app Viber also made the list, coming in at #10. Meanwhile Gmail is no longer on the top 10 most used apps list, although it is still a top used app in the United States.


SimilarWeb App Index
US Most Used Free Android Apps in August

App Rank App Name
1 Facebook
2 Whatsapp
3 Google Chrome
4 YouTube
5 Google Quick Searchbox
6 HTC Sense Home
7 Facebook Messenger
8 Instagram
9 Snapchat
10 Viber


To see more top apps including top paid Android apps, have a look at SimilarWeb’s mobile app ranking page. This page is updated every few days. You can filter by country, category, top free, top paid and top grossing apps.


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