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We’re back this week with more top apps. Last week we took a look at India’s top paid and free apps, compared to the previous month.  In honor of America’s Independence Day, we’re putting the spotlight on the U S of A.


We’re going to look at both top free and paid apps for Android apps in America. To compare, have a look at the top free and paid lists for the US from last month. Remember, here at SimilarWeb we measure top apps by usage patterns, not app store rank. These are the apps that are being used the most in America.


Top Apps USA FREE May Final


For top free Android apps in the US, very little has changed since last month. Facebook and Google apps are leading the top 3 spots, while YouTube and Instagram round out the top 5. Just like last month, the top most used free apps in America are mostly communication and social apps.


There is only one slight difference – Gmail and Facebook Messenger have switched places, with Facebook Messenger stealing 8th place and Gmail moving down one position in rank. Gmail also lost rank place in India’s top free apps list, which we covered last week; in fact, Gmail is no longer one of the top 10 most used apps in India. (It is, however, still a top used app, coming in at #12 in the app index). It’s anyone’s guess as to why the app has fallen in rank on both lists.


Top Apps USA PAID May


For top paid apps, we can see there’s more change in rank. The first top 3 – Next Launcher 3D Shell, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and HotSchedules were list-toppers last month, and clearly they are still the most used. But from #4 onwards we can see that many of last month’s top apps have fallen in rank, while others have risen in terms of usage.


The insanely popular Trivia Crack (Ad Free) is one such example. Last month the paid version of the highly addictive game came in at #4. This month, Trivia Crack fell two places to come in at #6. Surprisingy, the advanced Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer proved to be more popular.


Podcast playing app Pocket Casts also fell one place in rank, coming in at #8, while Geometry Dash made it’s way up from #10 to fill in 9th place. AccuWeather Platinum, the coveted paid weather app, is no longer on the list at all. Instead, another customizable launcher is now in it’s place – ADW Launcher EX. It will be interesting to see if this new launcher will be a contender for the Next Launcher 3D Shell App, which holds firm at 1st place. Whatever happens, it’s clear that Americans value 3D launchers and are willing to pay cash to customize their smartphones.

Looking forward to seeing what will happen in next month’s top apps list for the US. Will the top free apps change? Will Gmail get back on the top 10 list? Will Whatsapp continue to climb the ranks? And what will the continually evolving paid apps list look like next month? Stay tuned to find out!

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