Top UK Hotel Sites Ranking Oct. 2016

Our top ten hotels and accommodations ranking for October 2016 is here.

The top ten sites consist of two types: 1) generic booking sites such as,, and and 2) hotel chains such as and

uk-top-10Although both types of sites make up the top ten list, their search traffic approaches are somewhat different, with generic sites heavily reliant on PPC campaigns. For example, while the average PPC traffic for the top 50 domains is less than 40%, the generic site,, boasts a high PPC traffic share of 56%.

The winning site,, is responsible for almost 60% of the traffic share among the top 5 sites.

As in the US,  the top 5 sites on this list attribute for 28% of the entire Hotels and Accommodations sub-category. In other words, 1 in every 4 clicks goes to one of the top 5 domains.

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