Top Paid Android Apps in August (India)

SimilarWeb, the leader in digital measurement, has released their August App Index data for global countries. Last week we examined the top free Android apps in India. This week we’ll have a look at the top paid apps for Android in India.


SimilarWeb’s app index is a ranking of apps within a market by the volume of usage. The proprietary ranking is calculated from the percentage of phones that have the app installed, the number of sessions per user, and average session duration.


The top paid Android apps for India in August are nearly identical to last month’s list. As with the past several months, India’s top paid Android apps are dominated by personalization  and multimedia apps. 4 out of the 10 apps are personalization apps. First on the list is multimedia player MX Player PRO. The next top apps are the popular personalization apps – Next Launcher 3D Shell and TSF Launcher 3D Shell.


The only variation from last month’s list is the switch between the apps ranked at #9 and #10. jetAudioMusic Player + EQ Plus closed out the list at #10 last month, whereas this month the app has ,oved up one place in rank. Meanwhile, Smart Launcher Pro 3 has moved down one place in rank to #10.


SimilarWeb App Index
India Most Used Paid Android Apps in August

Rank App Name
1 MX Player Pro
2 Next Launcher 3D Shell
3 TSF Launcher 3D Shell
4 Temple Run: Oz
5 PlayerPro Music Player
6 AntiVirus PRO Android Security
7 Automatic Call Recorder Pro
8 Trial Xtreme
9 jetAudio Music Player + EQ Plus
10 Smart Launcher Pro 3


To see more top apps including top paid Android apps, have a look at SimilarWeb’s mobile app ranking page. This page is updated every few days. You can filter by country, category, top free, top paid and top grossing apps.


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