Top Paid Android Apps August (UK, Germany, France)

SimilarWeb, the leader in digital measurement, has released their August App Index data for global countries. Last week we examined the top free Android apps in the UK, Germany and France; this week’s focus is on the top paid Android apps in Europe, for the same countries.

SimilarWeb’s app index is a ranking of apps within a market by the volume of usage. The proprietary ranking is calculated from the percentage of phones that have the app installed, the number of sessions per user, and average session duration.

For the UK, the most top used paid Android apps are very similar to last month’s top apps. Once again, popular gaming app Minecraft takes the lead. This was also one of only two apps to appear on all three lists, (the other being Next Launcher 3D Shell) and it is the only most used paid gaming app to appear on the top 10 list for all 3 countries. The UK is also the only country to have 3 different gaming apps in their top 10 list.
UK Most Used Paid Android Apps in August

uk paid apps


Once again, Threema.Secure Messenger is the most popular paid app in Germany. It’s also the only paid communication app of this type to appear on any of the lists. Germany’s list is even more stable than the top used paid apps for UK, as there is almost no variation from last month.

SimilarWeb App Index
Germany Most Used Paid Android Apps in August

germany apps

Interestingly, the most top used paid app in France is an advanced weather app, WeatherPro. Claiming the 2nd and 3rd places on France’s list are personalization apps, which is a different trend then what’s being shown on the other lists. Also making a surprise appearance is the expensive sporting app Runtastic Mountain Bike PRO, which secured a place on the top 10 list as one of the most used paid apps in France.


SimilarWeb App Index
France Most Used Paid Android Apps in August

france apps

To see more top apps including top paid Android apps, have a look at SimilarWeb’s mobile app ranking page. This page is updated every few days. You can filter by country, category, top free, top paid and top grossing apps.

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