Top Paid Android Apps July 2015 (UK, Germany and France)

SimilarWeb, the leader in digital measurement, has just released their July App Index for paid Android apps. SimilarWeb’s app index is a ranking of apps within a market by the volume of usage. The proprietary ranking is calculated from the percentage of phones that have the app installed, the number of sessions per user, and average session duration.


Just a few days prior, SimilarWeb published their app index ranking for the top free Android apps in the UK, Germany and France. This post illustrates the top paid Android apps for those countries.


The top paid apps list for each country reflects more variation than the top free apps lists. Yet all three countries analyzed have gaming, personalization and weather apps dominating their top used paid apps. Popular gaming app Minecraft also made all three lists.


SimilarWeb App Index
UK Most Used Paid Android Apps in July

App Rank App Name
1 Minecraft
2 Next Launcher 3D Shell
3 Smart Launcher Pro 3
4 MX Player Pro
5 Flightradar24 Pro
6 Football Manager Handheld 2015
7 TuneIn Radio Pro
8 Battery HD Pro
9 Wordfeud
10 Storage Hunters UK: The Game


For the UK, the top paid apps in July were nearly identical to the previous month’s list in terms of app positon on the list. Minecraft once again leads top paid app usage at first place, with the two popular paid launchers (Next Launcher 3D Shell and Smart Launcher Pro 3) rounding out the top 3. Completing the list is the increasingly popular Storage Hunters UK: The Game app, which is a game based on the popular reality tv series.


SimilarWeb App Index
Germany Most Used Paid Android Apps in July

App Rank App Name
1 Threema. Secure Messenger
2 Quizkampen PREMIUM
3 WeatherPro
4 Minecraft
5 NextLauncher 3D Shell
6 aCalendar 1.0
7 Sparkasse+
8 Smart Launcher Pro 3
9 Weather & Radar Pro
10 NAVIGON Europe


The top paid apps lists for France and Germany were much more similar to each other than the list for the UK. In Germany, secure messaging app Threema. tops the list, followed by a series of weather and personalization apps. Gaming app Quizkampen/Quiz Duel appear on both German and French app lists, in their respective languages. On both lists the app placed within the top 5.


SimilarWeb App Index
France Most Used Paid Android Apps in July

App Rank App Name
1 WeatherPro
2 NextLauncher 3D Shell
3 Smart Launcher Pro 3
4 Minecraft
5 Quiz Duel PREMIUM
6 Aworded (Ad Free)
7 Prime French-Korean Dictionary
8 IP Cam Viewer Pro
9 Everstream TV Series
10 Weather Live 3.2


One notable paid app on the list is the presence of the Prime French-Korean Dictionary, which is the 7th most used app on the list. Another notable trend for France is the dominance of weather apps – the #1 most used paid Android app in France is WeatherPro, while Weather Live 3.2 closes the list at #10.


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