Top Trending News Stories in the US for 2015

The stories that dominated the news in 2015 show what mattered to us most, who was important, and where in the world it happened. 

2015 was a big year: a new planet was discovered, Paris was struck by terror, and Cuba and the US restored relations. We looked at SimilarWeb’s Industry Analysis of News and Media to see which topics drove the most traffic to News sites in 2015.

In November 2015, online traffic to News and Media Industry accounted for almost 13% of overall desktop traffic in the US. 

Donald Trump Leads Search



“donald trump” was the top search query to drive search traffic to news sites (excluding names of news outlets), accounting for more than 57 million visits. Three other presidential candidates made it to the Top 10 searched for people (Bernie, Hillary and Ben Carson), although Caitlyn Jenner didn’t (another Jenner did, but he’s no longer among us).



US News junkies also looked for lots of international, and even inter-planetary news. These are the top 10 searches for locations that drove traffic to news sites:87e6b4b8-ab43-4d23-857d-2058d8a9561a



Can I get the sports section?

Finally, we looked at reader habits across the leading news sites — what section do people read the most? SimilarWeb’s leading folders reveal which are the most visited sections in each of these news outlets. These are the Top 5 sections for some of our leading news sources in 2015.




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