These are the Top Communication Apps Britons Are Paying For

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At SimilarWeb, we’re crazy for all things app-related. And with our unique engagement metrics that measure real app usage patterns, we’ve got a lot to say. That’s why we feature top apps by country and category several times a month, to illustrate which apps are leading in their respective industries – and how you can use this information in your app marketing efforts.


At the beginning of June we talked about which free apps were leading in the UK. We discovered that free communication apps were “ruling” the top apps category. Now we’re taking a look at which top communication apps Britons are willing to pay for – that is, which paid communication apps are leading the category in the UK.


Without further ado, here they are:



For Britons, security and messaging optimization are key when it comes to paid communication apps.


The most popular paid communication app in the UK is Puffin Plus – Fast & Flash. Puffin Plus was also the only browser optimizer on the list.The speedy mobile browser greatly boosts mobile browsing speed, offers cloud protection and offers the latest flash player on the cloud. The fast browsing is thanks to a fancy compression algorithm which the app operators claim saves up to 90% of the bandwidth.


The AntiVirus PRO Android Security app was another paid communication app list topper, and the only other “optimizer” type app on this list. In addition to scanning apps, files, and text messages for viruses, the app has a locator to find your lost phone. It also has a task-killer feature, battery saver and call filter.


The rest of the paid communication apps on our list are a mix of advanced email, phone recording and messaging apps. Threema is the 2nd most used app in this category, having moved up 3 places in the app index from it’s #5 spot last month. Threema’s main appeal is its privacy features for mobile messages, ensuring security first with end-to-end encryption.


K-@ Mail Pro – Email App, Kaiten Mail and MailDroid Pro are all email clients that offer customizable features and nice UIs. The main difference between MailDroid Pro and the free version seems to be that the Pro version is ad free, which suggests the free version must be pretty annoying for so many users to purchase, install and actually use the paid version.


Kaiten Mail seems to be doing very well by way of optimized email apps. Although they don’t rank as high for usage as K-@ Mail Pro and MailDroid Pro, the Kaiten Mail app has moved up 3 places in the app index from last month, while their two competitors actually decreased in rank.


Pixel PRO has also moved up two places in rank, from #8 to #6 in just a month. This could be due to the fact that the app is on sale, currently 25% off the usual price. What’s more, in the app store this discount is conveniently advertised right in the app title.


Another rank climber is Hoverchat (formerly Ninja SMS), touted as one of Time Magazine’s “50 Best Android Apps for 2013.” Apparently this sentiment is still valid two years later, as the newly-renamed app keeps climbing the app charts. Hoverchat allows you to send and receive text messages while continuing to do what you were doing on your smartphone – uninterrupted.


That’s it for this week’s featured top apps category. Stay tuned next time for more top apps!

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