Top US Retail Sites Ranking November 2016

 November’s top ten retail clothing ranking is out:


The top ten sites in the table above comprise 40% of the total traffic share for the top 100 sites in the online clothing category.

Number one on the list, leads with a 34% share of all top ten sites, followed by at a distant 2nd.

Top Clothing Referrers takes the prize for the top media site sending the most traffic to the US Shopping>Clothing category and is also the number one media site referring to popular domains such as,,,,, and


In terms of social traffic, consistently proves to be the second largest traffic driver to the clothing industry, with slightly less than 1% of all desktop traffic coming from this source.

The Biggest Growth Gainers 

With shopping season in our midst, the domain has gained the highest growth in traffic (143% increase) among the top 100 sites, bringing it to 30th place for November. Among the top ten websites, the biggest gainers were ( 71% increase), (58.7% increase), and (49.3% increase). 

As the season continues it will be interesting to see how the growth of these sites takes shape and if they jump on any new strategies in the coming weeks, so look out for more insights in next month’s Shopping ranking.


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