Top Used Free Apps in India: Facebook is NOT #1

Recently we explored top free apps in the UK; today we’re looking at which free Android apps are the most used in India.

Our recent top app lists for India have centered on business apps and paid apps. In India, media, personalization, and phone performance apps reign supreme in the paid apps category. And while social and communication apps dominate the UK free app category, the top free apps in India reflect a different trend:



In the UK, the top 2 most used apps were Facebook and Whatsapp. In India it’s the same. But here’s the kicker:  The order is reversed. shockingly, Whatsapp Messenger beat out the all-powerful Facebook for the #1 spot on the list.

Meanwhile, Google claimed 2 places on the top 10 list – Chrome Browser and Google (quick searchbox). These were also staples for UK smartphone users. But another browser gained a foothold in the Indian app economy – UC Browser for Android also made the list, illustrating that Chrome is not the only preferred browser playing in the game.

The other surprise on this list is the presence of Truecaller-Caller ID and Block. This communication app is known primarily for it’s ability to automatically block spam calls. Clearly, this service is very highly valued in India, as it is 4th top used app on the list, beating out the omnipotent Google Chrome Browser.

The rest of the list is pretty standard fare for top used free apps: Facebook Messenger ranks in at #8 – the same position as in top free Android apps for the UK. The Gmail app is the 3rd Google-related app on the list and comes in at #10. Popular personalization app HTC Sense Home also made the list – it’s also a widely used app in the UK, and is one of the most popular free personalization apps out there.

Overall, it looks like Whatsapp is the real winner here. We’ll say it again – they beat out Facebook! (And both Google browser apps, for that matter)! Sure, Whatsapp is technically a communication app, not a social one, but the fact that it nudged the most popular app in the world out of the number one spot is pretty impressive.

Check back soon for more top apps. Next time – Top free apps in the US!

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