Traffic Sources Overview – Breakdown by Traffic Source

As part of our ongoing efforts to optimize SimilarWeb, we’ve recently rolled out two new additions to the Traffic Sources Overview section:

  • A visual breakdown between paid (search and display) and organic traffic


  • A list of all traffic sources – filtered by traffic source type


Who is this for?

Any marketer, digital analyst or prospector looking to better understand a website’s digital strategy.

Use Cases:

With these two new features, you can compare the traffic share your competitors’ are receiving from various sources, to learn how to distribute your resources across organic and paid channels, and where to advertise.

Here we see an overview of the paid and organic traffic channel split between Orbitz and Travelocity.


To demonstrate the power of these new additions, let’s review three interesting insights that emerge from this comparison:

  1. Direct traffic is the top traffic source for both companies, with Orbitz relying on it the most, compared to other traffic sources.
  2. The number four traffic source is referral, specifically –  In this case, Travelocity receives a larger percentage of traffic for this referrer.
  3. Orbitz’s traffic share from organic search is considerably larger (over 60%), from both Google and Yahoo.


Try the new Traffic Sources Overview now and tell us what you think!

Contact us if you don’t have a SimilarWeb account and would like to hear more details.

About the Author -

Jessica Bohm is a Product Marketing Manager at SimilarWeb. She has a background specializing in Management Consulting and Performance Marketing, as well as founding her own mobile app startup company. Jessica holds a Masters degree in Economics from Cambridge University.

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