Trending U.S. Apps: February 2016

Looking for the top trending apps in February 2016? Look no further- using SimilarWeb’s ‘Usage Rank’ rating, we can discover the top apps trending upwards, and top apps trending downwards. This Usage Rank rating is calculated based on a SimilarWeb algorithm that factors in ‘Current Installs’ and ‘Active Users’ in a selected country- in this case the U.S. To check out the hottest apps of January 2016 find our complete ranking here.

February’s top trending apps include many different game and puzzle apps, starting with the hugely popular Color Switch. Color Switch moved up 81 spots in the usage rankings and now sits just inside the top 100, ranking at 96th overall. Furthermore, Color Switch is now installed on a full 2% of all U.S. Android devices. Other game apps that made the top trending apps include Rolling SkyWord Up Brain GameMerged!Dragon Story: Valentines and Futurama: Game of Drones.

Outside of gaming apps, IRS2Go remains a trending app and was number 6 on January’s list of trending apps. In December, the tax app ranked 22,700th overall but with tax season around the corner in mid-April, the app is seeing increased downloads and use. Other apps making the list include keyboard app Flash Keyboard, VPN app Free VPN -Hotspot Shield Basic, and MeWe, an app which labels itself as “The Next-Gen Social Network.” One app that showed immense growth but failed to make the rankings is Buzzfeed Video, the latest app by Buzzfeed Inc. The app started February ranking 68,415th overall and finished the month ranked 3,189th. If this trend continues, Buzzfeed could be one of the top trending apps come March.



Turning now to apps that have been trending down, the list is topped by Verizon Login, a Verizon tool, that dropped to 24th overall on SimilarWeb’s Usage Rank. Also trending down are several sports apps which have seen a downwards trend in use ever since the NFL season ended with the 2016 Super Bowl on February 8th. These sports apps include ESPN, theScore, NFL Mobile, and ESPN Fantasy Football. Additionally, as we correctly predicted last month, the Australian Open 2016 app has been trending down after the tournament ended on January 31st. Other apps that have seen their Usage Rank diminish in February include: Pocket Mortys, Republic Wireless, Dragon Story: Winter, and LotteryHUB – Powerball Lottery.Trending U.S. Apps: February 2016



In addition to the top trending apps, each month we will feature a different app category and display the top trending apps in this category. For February we have chosen to explore trending Finance apps, and the trends are featured in the charts below.  More insights on the top 100 Finance keywords and apps that receive search traffic from these keywords can be found up


finance down



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