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A Digital Strategic Analysis of TripAdvisor

As the countdown to the New Year approaches, we’ve put together a Factbook reviewing TripAdvisor’s 2016 digital strategy.

The number of online visitors for the US travel industry has already reached 9.8 billion – and that’s before 2016 has even reached its end. is the leading travel site and OTA for the industry. This year alone, it generated almost 1.1 billion visits to its site, comprising over 11% of the top 100 sites’ total traffic share.


The heat map below illustrates TripAdvisor’s desktop traffic market share of the top three OTA players in the US (,, and TripAdvisor has by far the largest market share, with a range between 45% to 60%+ per state.


The Complete TripAdvisor Factbook provides an analysis of, benchmarked against its top competitors and the top 100 travel sites in the US (Dec. 2015 – Nov.2016).

The Factbook reveals TripAdvisor’s digital strategies that relate to its desktop and mobile web traffic, user engagement and the most popular categories and destinations.


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