Advertisers fleeing Twitter Ads – will language retargeting stop the flood?

Since they’ve launched their ads platform, Twitter is constantly looking to improve its advertising platform in order to create a ROI positive environment for their advertisers. This, in turn, attracts more publishers that are looking for high quality, targeted traffic sources. It’s not always been a smooth journey for Twitter, though, and there’s been just as many ups as downs along the way.

Targeting by language

One of the latest improvements on Twitter’s ad platform is the ability to target languages. If you have experience in paid advertising, you know that being able to target specific languages for your ads is a crucial aspect in getting the best results for your paid campaigns. Truth be told, I was rather surprised that this feature wasn’t available to begin with.

Motivation to optimize

The initial response of publishers to the launch of Twitter’s self-service ads platform, back in April 2013, was one of great interest. People were eager to see the potential of Twitter as a performance based platform. With engagement bids placed on tweets, trends or accounts, you could access targeted audiences, including opinion leaders. But these advertisers soon discovered that this self-serving platform was still not optimal and could not offer the customization requirements they needed for fully optimizing their account. This resulted in a slow and gradual decrease of interest in advertising via Twitter ads.

I wanted to see if I could find a correlation between the actual traffic coming to the Twitter ads self-serving platform and the decrease in interest that was reflected on blog posts and forums.  Using the popular pages section, on SimilarWeb PRO, I found a very interesting trend that highlights the overall buzz and opinions about this platform since April 2013 and up until now. The page I checked is ‘start-advertising’, which is located on Twitter’s business subdomain. Here’s what I found:



Popular pages

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