Twitter Grows Organic Search Traffic 20% Over 6 months

Twitter organic desktop search traffic rose nearly 20% over the last 6 months, a significant boost of more than 35 million monthly visits. The increase stems from Twitter’s deal with Google earlier this year that made real-time tweets available in Google SERPs as soon as users sent them.

According to a recent study published by Stone Temple’s Eric Enge, there was a 466% increase in indexed tweets between February and June, 2015.Twitter Indexation

Image credit: Stone Temple Consulting Corp.

MozCast also reported a large increase of search queries for indexed tweets near August 21, 2015.


Image credit: @MozCast

Here is SimilarWeb data showing the increase in Twitter’s organic desktop search traffic over the last 6 months:

Twitter SEO traffic

The largest growth occurred between June and July when there was a 14% increase in desktop searches – roughly of 25 million visits — driving traffic to Twitter.

What kinds of searches drove Twitter’s recent traffic increase? Searches for branded keywords and names of people.

For example, here are the results for a search of the keyword “Google.”


Google’s Twitter account was the second result, immediately after the company’s website and product descriptions. SERP results for the company’s Twitter account were even higher than Google News!

Google’s company Facebook page was the third result, its YouTube channel the fourth result, and the Wikipedia entry, only the fifth result.


Interestingly, Twitter’s desktop bounce rate decreased 6.5% in the last 4 months. This is a sign of “task completion,” indicating that users received results that they sought.


It will be interesting to see whether that share of organic searches driving desktop traffic to Twitter will continue growing, and for how long. One thing is clear: Twitter’s decision to open its firehouse of data to Google appears to be a win-win result for the search engine’s users as well as Twitter. Could this mean that Google is exploring an acquisition of Twitter? Whether or not this is true, both companies benefit from their current data licensing deal.

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