Twitter’s Decrease in Revenue Doesn’t Really Matter

San Francisco-based Twitter, the insanely popular social media platform that keeps users’ messages short and to-the-point, recently reported its Q1 2015 earnings. The company’s earnings missed analyst expectations, and predictions for the remainder of 2015 were revised to reflect a downward trend.

While diving into all things Twitter, we discovered some interesting data insights. The company’s mobile web traffic rose 218% from the end of October 2014 to March 2015 (113 million to 246 million visits). Twitter’s desktop web traffic decreased 9% during the same period (439 million to 403 million visits). This is a trend we’ve been seeing across all markets, though – mobile is booming, and there’s a subsequent decrease in desktop traffic to sites or services with mobile apps. Clearly, the downturn in revenue means little in terms of Twitter’s adoring mobile users.

Weekly mobile v desktop Data Oct - Mar 2015


During the first three months of 2015, Twitter had more than 5.6 billion desktop visits worldwide. Here are the Top 10 countries which delivered that traffic, along with quarterly changes.

Twitter Country desktop traffic (1)


While quarterly desktop traffic decreased in the U.S., there were significant global increases in Japan, Brazil, France, Canada, Spain, Russia, Argentina, Germany, Indonesia, and Mexico.

The U.S. rate of current installs (approximately 25%) and daily active users (roughly 20%) of Twitter’s Android App held steady from November 2014 through April 2015.

Twitter Android app installs and DAU data v2


The most interesting takeaway from these Twitter data findings is that the social media company continues to march steadily forward with global expansion.  Expect to see even stronger Twitter growth in India where the country’s “smartphone market is expected to grow at around 36% per year over the next five years.” Twitter also doesn’t have much by way of competitors, so they are still poised to grab the lion’s share of traffic and high usage rates for their ever-popular app. It’ll be fascinating to see how their B2B platform – Twitter for Business – will be affected by all of this.

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