U.K. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for March 2016

Looking at the top UK media publishers and publications for March, there were actually only a few major changes since we released our February UK index. Among the top 50, no publisher moved more than 6 places, and among the top 10 there was only one change in the rankings. After ranking 4th overall in February, MSN was able to climb to 3rd, pushing Yahoo down to 4th.

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Yahoo, could even be in danger of falling even further down the rankings, as rumors swirl that the online giant could be selling some of its properties. In fact, one of the potential buyers is reported to be DMG Media, owner of the Daily Mail, and number 2 on the UK publishers rankings. Should DMG acquire all of Yahoo’s media sites, it will cement its place in second, but they’d still have a long way to go if they plan on overtaking the British Broadcasting Corporation for first.

Overall, the biggest winners among the top 50 were DELFI and Unilad. Both publishers rose 6 places in the rankings allowing Unilad to enter the top 50 overall. DELFI’s publication delfi.lt is actually a Lithuanian based media site, but still received close to 4 million UK visits in March. Additionally, average pages per visit to the website were up significantly in March, rising 21% on desktop, and 23% on mobile.

As proven in our recent UK Mobile Web Report, UK mobile web users spend less time on websites and view fewer pages per visit. For DELFI to average over 5 pages per visit on mobile is extremely impressive and represents a 23% increase since February.



Turning now to UK media publications, two publications were able to move into March’s top 10: independent.co.uk and buzzfeed.com. Both sites saw modest gains in March but the biggest growth among the top 50 belongs to espncricinfo.com, a Walt Disney owned cricket publication. With increased traffic due to the recent 2016 International Cricket Council’s World Twenty20 tournament, ESPN’s cricket publication was able to rise 11 spots and now ranks 23rd overall.

espn cricket



On the overall list of 300 publishers, portsmouth.co.uk was actually the biggest winner, moving up 66 places to rank 218th overall in March. The website’s sports folders are extremely popular but over March, the single most popular desktop article on the site was a short blurb describing a car that flipped over in Gosport, a small town in South Hampshire. Thankfully, the driver was unharmed.

portsmouth traffic


Much like the March US publishers list, this month we have highlighted several key Social Media metrics among UK media sites. Among the top 300 media publications, thesportbible.com was by far the most reliant on traffic from Social Media. When looking at the site’s desktop traffic in March, our data shows that 96% of their visits came from Social Media. In raw numbers this amounted to over 2.5 million desktop visits to the site that came via social.

For more Social Media metrics and to discover which publications killed it on social, download the complete UK list of 150 publishers and 300 publications.


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