U.S. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for March 2016

The latest media rankings are here! Every month we at SimilarWeb publish a list of the top U.S. and U.K. media publishers and publications based on combining mobile and desktop page-views in each country. To find last month’s U.S. list, check out the rankings for February 2016 here.

For the complete March list of 150 US media publishers and 300 publications, download our comprehensive US publishers index.


In big publisher news this month, Disney Media Networks has passed MSN to become the the top media publisher in the U.S. MSN held the top spot in February, but with almost 2 billion mobile and desktop page-views, Disney was able to overtake MSN, who as a result, dropped to second place. Despite this shakeup, there were actually no major changes at the top of the publishers list, and no newcomers to the top 10.

Among the top 50, New York Media, LLC saw the biggest increase, jumping 11 spots in the rankings. The publisher of nymag.comvulture.com, and grubstreet.com was able to climb into the top 50 and saw over 100 million page-views in March.

Added to our rankings this month is PopSugar, Inc. publisher of popsugar.com. As a newcomer to the list, the publisher already ranks within the top 25 overall. In fact, March was a particularly strong month for PopSugar and one event alone was responsible for over 15% of their traffic. The recent state dinner that President Obama hosted for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was a major event for PopSugar and the publication gained a ton of traffic via their article on Sasha and Malia Obama. The article was by far their most popular of March and has helped solidify their position within the top 50 US media publishers.

Turning now to publications, there was almost no movement among the top 10, with only espn.go.com moving up one spot, making drudgereport.com slide down to 3rd overall. Overall, the biggest winner of March was far and away cbssports.com who benefited greatly from their March Madness coverage and bracket tournament. Traditionally, March is a good month for CBS Sports’ traffic, and when compared to February 2016, the site saw a 54% increase in visits. While this number isn’t as high as the website’s gains last March, it was still enough to move them up 26 places in the rankings of the top media publications. 



The publication that showed the most growth overall in March was actually idigitaltimes.com, which climbed 60 spaces in our rankings, from 254 in February to 194 in March. Though not among the top 50, the IBT Media publication was able to climb as high as it did because its pages per visit average continues to rise. In March, the average U.S. user viewed 2.75 pages on idigitaltimes.com, up 29% since February. To discover the top 300 US publications and filter them by change, download the complete list here.


Of these above publications, many have a digital strategy that involves leveraging traffic from social media. Using SimilarWeb’s Industry Analysis tool we are able to discover March’s leaders in desktop social media referrals and compare them by social traffic source. Overall, Facebook was the most popular referrer to these 5 publications though only littlethings.com were solely reliant on Facebook traffic. NY Times, for example relied heavily on Reddit for social traffic, while the Washington Post uses Twitter heavily as part of their strategy. On Pinterest, only Buzzfeed receives significant traffic, accounting for 14% of the website’s total desktop social traffic in March.

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