U.K. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for April 2016

The UK media rankings are back, and unlike in March, much has changed, though the number 1 spot remains nearly untouchable.

The British Broadcasting Corporation is once again the most dominant media force among publishers, and amassed close to 2 billion page-views over the course of April 2016. In fact, when compared to the other 149 publishers on our rankings, the BBC takes a whopping 30% of the overall page-views.bbc


The main UK domain of the BBC, bbc.co.uk, received 78.2% of their overall April desktop from the UK with 21.8% coming from a variety of other countries, led by the US with 6%. However, the BBC’s other domain, bbc.com, received only 4.6% of their April traffic from the UK. Leading the way on bbc.com was the US with 25.6%, Canada with 5.6% and Brazil with 4.8%.

With many other UK publishers international traffic accounts for a significant amount visits and publishers can use this data to discover new opportunities for expansion. News Now Publishing, for example, have enjoyed a steady international audience in which 42% of traffic comes from outside the UK, and even more impressive, 8.4% came from Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Turning to publications, there were all sorts of changes among the top 10, with only 3 of the top 10 publications remaining static since March. The biggest winner of the top 10 was skysports.com who rose from 12th in March up to 8th in April, and amassed over 100 million UK page-views.

Overall, the biggest winner was order-order.com a media site which killed it in April, rising 130 spots in the publications ranking. Owned by Global & General Nominees Limited, order-order.com saw a 124% rise in UK traffic and pages per visits were up on both desktop and mobile.order-order


Similar to bbc.co.uk, order-order.com’s traffic is heavily UK based with 88.4% of traffic coming from within the UK. This was not the case with April’s second biggest winner, news.com.au, an Australian publication who received 2.6% of their April desktop traffic from the UK. In fact, some of Aprils other big winners were non-UK publications which benefited from a rise in UK page-views.

One of these such publications is tomshardware.com a hardware news site which rose 69 places, and whose worldwide traffic is quite balanced. The US led the way in traffic share, but US traffic still only accounted for 36.8% of April’s desktop traffic. Fifteen other countries were responsible for at least 1% of the site’s traffic and they can be seen in the chart below:

U.K. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for April 2016


On the opposite end of the spectrum, the publications which were trending down were mostly UK heavy sites such as derbytelegraph.co.uk (94% UK traffic) which dropped 66 spots and stokesentinel.co.uk (90% UK traffic) which fell 63 spots. 

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