UK Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for May 2016

The latest UK media rankings are here and this month, we’ve expanded our list of both publishers and publications! For more information on the leading US publishers over Q1 2016 and to discover marketing insights for digital publishers, find our recent publishing report here.

Over May, there were many changes in the rankings, both for publishers and publications, however, at the very top of the publisher’s list, numbers 1-8 remain unchanged since April’s rankings. After these first 8 publishers, NewNow Publishing was able to jump 3 spots to take 9th place while Axel Springer moved down slightly, from 9th to 10th.

Overall, Guru3D publisher of saw the biggest jump in the rankings, moving from 145th in April to 119th in May. Traffic to the tech news site has been trending up steadily since January and in May the publication eclipsed 1 million UK visits while also maintaining a high pages-per-visit rate of 3.24 on desktop and 1.72 on mobile.


On the other hand, the publisher that saw the biggest drop since the April rankings was Progressive Media International, publisher of and In April, the publisher had 7,630,000 combined page-views, but that number dropped to 3,023,000 in May, a drop of 60%. As a result, Progressive Media fell 53 spots in the rankings from 73rd in April to 126th in May.

Turning now to the top publications, the biggest winner among May’s top 10 was who rose from 11th in April to 8th in May. In the UK, Buzzfeed’s May traffic was almost identical to April, but on pages-per-visit, the publication saw impressive growth. In April, Buzzfeed averaged 4.87 pages-per-visit on mobile web, a figure which shot up to 6.39 in May. This is especially crucial because of Buzzfeed’s May traffic, 64% came via mobile web. 

Furthermore, with SimilarWeb’s popular pages feature we can discover that the most popular Buzzfeed article on mobile web in the UK was actually a post from October 2014 titled ’25 Stunning British Places You Can Reach From London’. The article was responsible for 4.37% of all mobile web traffic in the UK over the month. Meanwhile, on desktop, Buzzfeed’s most popular article in the UK was titled ’22 Times Graham Norton Was Sassy AF During Eurovision 2016′. 

buzzfeed ppv

Overall, the publication that rose the most in the May rankings was, a media site which jumped from 232nd in April to 143rd in May. The Coventry Telegraph saw an impressive growth of pages-per-visit on desktop, a metric which they saw rise from 3.51 in April to 7.85 in May. 

Alongside the Coventry Telegraph,  8 other publications saw a rise of at least 50 spots in the rankings, with the only other publication to rise at least 80 places. The sports publication ranked 202nd in April but saw massive growth in May and now ranks 122nd overall. 

The publication that saw the third largest growth since is actually a site which didn’t even rank among the top 300 last month. Medical news publisher was way below the top 300 threshold in April but has jumped all the way from 357th to 284th in May. The site is one of 7 media publications that rank among May’s top 300 after not making the cut in April.

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