UK Media Publications Ranking October 2016

Last month millions followed the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The storm of interest around the election resulted in a shake-up in the UK media publication rankings.

Top US Publications Jump in the Rankings

American publishers experienced the greatest change on the UK leaderboard. US news titan, jumped 14 spots and ranked #31 in October. The site, which increased its search traffic share by 33%, also saw keywords “trump” and “donald trump” and account for 1 in every 4 clicks to the site.

Other huge US media publications also jumped in the rankings. Center left US news site, soared from #90 to #66 and jumped 6 spots from #54 to #48. Conservative news site also saw a massive increase in the rankings moving 28 spots from #119 to #91.

The UK Growth Champion

US media publications were not the only ones to experience a dramatic change in the rankings. The left-of-centre UK political news site jumped a staggering 104 positions. During the election period, engagement on the site surfaced significantly, with average page visits on desktop surging from 2.83 in September to an average of 10.7 in October.

Newstatesman engagement

For more details on how the US election influenced the UK media last month, take a look at the complete UK Media Publications Rankings below:



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