UK Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for August 2016

BBC Reigns Supreme

Unlike the US publishers index which saw a major shakeup this month, the UK publishers ranking remains relatively stable, with only minor changes among the top 10. The British Broadcasting Corporation remains the only publisher to amass over a billion pageviews, while 13 other publishers crossed the 100 million mark – ranging from DMG Media in 2nd to Buzzfeed Inc. in 14th.

The Big Winners

Since the last rankings in July, four media publishers were able to rise at least 30 spots in the rankings and only one of them is based in the UK. The big winner was the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who after not ranking in July, climbed 41 spots to rank 116th overall. Joining the CBC in big winners from abroad were the US-based Raw Story Media Inc. and the French publisher Éditions Philippe Amaury.

BT Group was the winner among UK-based publishers, rising to 59th overall and amassing 7.3 million pageviews in August.

Reddit – The Next Frontier for Publishers

According to SimilarWeb’s website ranking, Reddit is the 13th largest website in the UK, falling between Instagram at 12th and PornHub in 14th. The site is a major referrer of traffic and it’s importance to publishers may significantly increase in light of Facebook’s algorithm change which may affect publisher’s traffic.

Of the top 150 media publishers in the UK, 32 rely on Reddit for at least a third of their social traffic, with Liveleak leading the way. Of Likeleak’s desktop social media traffic, 87% came from Reddit, amounting to 658,000 visits.

Discover the top 150 UK media publishers as well as their Reddit referral traffic:

Now the Publications

Turning now to media publications, the top 10 remain almost totally unchanged since July. The only movement at the top was that and each moved up one place, while  and each slipped one spot. 

Looking further down the list, the biggest winner among the top 50 was who rose 44 spots and had their most successful month in terms of UK traffic over the last 12 months.

 business insider

Of Business Insider’s desktop social media traffic, 19% came via Reddit, which was slightly above the average of 17.4%. However, for over 30 of the UK’s top 300 publications, Reddit accounts for 0 or close to 0 percent of their social media traffic. 

Reliant on Facebook

For some publications such as (ranked 46th) or (ranked 59th), over 95% of their social media traffic comes from Facebook and in August, both sites saw an overall decrease in desktop social media traffic. TheLADbible dropped by 8% while Londynek saw desktop social traffic drop 27%.

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