UK Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for July 2016

It has been more of the same among UK media publishers as the British Broadcasting Corporation maintain their media dominance, beating out their nearest competition by 322%. Elsewhere among the top 10, however, only 3 other publishers held onto their spots from June, and both Sky plc and Axel Spring SE fell 2 spots to rank 11th and 12th respectively.

Looking down the publishers ranking, Canary Media, publisher of, was able to rise 47 spots from 126th in June to 79th in July. This jump represented the largest growth among UK publishers, though for several publications a small push was enough to get them back in the top 150.

Free Speech Systems, LLC, Zealot Networks, The Next Web, and, Inc. all ranked outside the top 150 publishers in June but thanks to a strong July, these 4 publishers now find themselves among the elite. Of these, Zealot Networks, publisher of, reached the highest position rising from 157th last month to 125th overall.

Discover the top 150 UK publishers in the table below, with additional insights on Q2 Facebook referral traffic and how that changed since Q1, 2016.

Turning now to the top UK publications, there were minor but significant changes among the top publications as passed and passed

Overall, was July’s biggest winner as the gadget and gaming focused publication rose 137 spots from outside the top 300 in June to 172nd overall in July. iDitigalTimes is a publication owned by IBT media, who on the publishers ranking, ranked 21st overall. 

In July, 90% of iDigitalTime’s Uk desktop traffic came from Organic Search, which is good news considering Facebook referral traffic dropped 50% when comparing Q1 to Q2 2016. The opposite trend occurred with, another gadget-focused publication which actually grew its Facebook referral traffic by 416% Q-over-Q. In fact, all 4 of TechPowerUP’s desktop traffic sources have been on the rise over the past 6 months, with Organic Search leading the way.


Of the publications that had a down month in July, none fell further down the rankings than who fell from 113th in June to 253rd in July. The Week joins 32 other publications which fell at least 30 spots among UK publications, though some of these publications have seen a recent rise in Facebook referral traffic.

Discover the complete list of 300 UK media publications below. 

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