UK Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for June 2016

Who are the top media publishers and publications in the UK? In our latest UK media rankings, we discover the data behind the UK’s top publishers and rank both publishers and individual publications based on combining desktop and mobile web page-views. To take a look back at the top UK publishers and publications of May, find last month’s ranking here.

This month, the British Broadcasting Corporation, with their publications and, eclipsed 2 billion UK page-views, up from 1,940,408,000 in May. This jump in page-views can be directly attributed to the suspense and aftermath of the UK’s historic Brexit vote which took place on Thursday, June 23rd. On Friday, June 24th, the day that the results of the vote were announced, experienced a record number of visits, beating out any other day in 2016. Using SimilarWeb’s popular pages function, we can further discover that the article displaying results from the Brexit vote was the most popular individual article of June 2016.

Other British publishers also benefitted from an increase in Brexit related traffic and as a result, Guardian Media Group and Telegraph Media Group both moved up 1 spot in the rankings to now rank 3rd and 6th respectively. This is especially great news for The Guardian who jumped ahead of MSN to rank 3rd overall in the UK.

In June, organic search traffic accounted for 33% of‘s desktop traffic and of the top 10 search terms, 3 were related to the EU referendum vote.  Furthermore, if we look at The Gaurdian’s most popular pages of June 2016, the interactive article on the Brexit results emerges as the top article on both desktop and mobile.

Discover the complete list of the top 150 UK media publishers of June 2016, scroll sideways to discover each publisher’s social traffic for the month.

Turning now to publications, the biggest drop among the top publications was BuzzFeed who fell 4 spots from 8th in May to 12th in June. In May, BuzzFeed received 107,187,000 combined page-views, but that number dropped 16% in June, to just over 90 million.

Overall, however, it was and who dropped the most among UK publications, with each site falling at least 100 spots in the ranking. Both sites saw their traffic take a nosedive in June with dropping 63% and falling 86%.


The big winners of June were,, and, 3 media publication who rose at least 90 spots in the UK rankings. In June, NewStatesman grew their traffic by over 100% and a lot of this growth had to do with Social Media traffic. Looking at the site’s desktop traffic sources in May we can discover that 29% of traffic came from social, a figure that jumps to 37% in June. In the social table below, you can discover the breakdown of this social traffic and which were crucial to the publication’s June success.

Other media sites that saw a major rise in the rankings include publications from around the globe such as which rose 55 spots, which rose 43 spots, and which rose 40 spots. Only a handful of other sites grew more than 40 places in the rankings, including, a media site that increased both their pages per visit and website traffic since May’s rankings. 

Discover the top 300 UK media publications in the chart below. Scroll down to discover an additional chart containing the desktop social traffic of each publication as well as a breakdown of social traffic by source.

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