UK Retailers’ Royal Mobile Web Traffic

Online retail shopping is big business in the UK. The country is a model for where retailers in the U.S., France, and Germany need to be: phenomenal mobile web engagement with roughly 2 out of 3 visits coming from shoppers’ smartphones and tablets. We are not talking about a one-time traffic spike in honor of the Queen Mother’s 90th birthday. Traffic from mobiles to UK shopping sites should be treated like royalty all year round.

SimilarWeb looked at Year-on-Year UK online shopping traffic in our new report, UK Online Retailers -Yearly Review. The study’s revelations are an important indication of changes in traffic sources for the country’s e-commerce industry.

Direct visits and Search remain the two main traffic drivers for UK retailers. While Display Ad traffic plummeted in 13 of the 15 retail verticals analysed, online Classifieds and Supermarkets were the exception: both ramped up their banner ad campaigns in 2015.

UK online classifieds shopping data 2016

Our findings revealed that although eBay and Amazon are engaged in a bitter struggle for shoppers’ attention for general merchandise, UK stores selling consumer electronics, clothing, and children’s items online are engaged in a bitter struggle for every last pence.

Global brands like Ikea, Nike, Lego, and Pandora are some of the retailers benefiting from UK e-commerce, but the majority of leaders in the different shopping categories studied were based in Britain.

Discover the 150 websites across 15 different categories that led the UK’s YoY online retail traffic. With the online knowledge that you come away with, you will feel like royalty yourself.


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