U.S. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for April 2016

Here are the top U.S. media publishers and publications of April 2016. As always, these rankings are determined by combining desktop and mobile page-views. To find the US publishers list from last month, check out the rankings for March 2016 here.

Among publishers there was little change at the top of the rankings, with the top 10 remaining almost static since March. Of the top 10, Time, Inc. saw the biggest growth, and on the strength of their 645 million page-views, they jumped up 2 spots to now rank 8th overall.

On overall growth, however, it was Trinity Mirror who emerged as April’s biggest winner, moving up 25 places in the publishers ranking. Trinity Mirror’s publication, mirror.co.uk had over 38 million U.S. page-views in April and strangely enough, April’s most popular article wasn’t regarding soccer or Brexit or even the London mayoral race, it was an article about a life-like Scarlett Johansson robot.

Despite their viral content, Trinity Mirror only received 16% of their desktop traffic from social media, slightly less than the publisher’s average of 20% and way below the overall leader who took 91%. Still, several publishers on the rankings have a social traffic share closer to 0% including the 4th largest publisher Matt Drudge. Drudge’s traffic is almost entirely direct (89%) and almost entirely desktop based (94%).

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Turning now to publications, the top 5 remain totally unchanged since March, with msn.com still leading the pack at number 1. Joining MSN in the billion page-views club are espn.go.com and drudgereport.com who once again rank 2nd and 3rd respectively. Together, these 3 publications account for over 4 billion page-views, and when compared to the other 297 publications on the list, they account for an amazing 20% of the total page-views.U.S. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for April 2016


Of these 297 other publications, no one saw more growth in April than golfchannel.com, who rose from 230th in March to 163rd in April. Thanks to the 2016 Masters which took place from April 7th-10th, Golf Channel had a huge month with a ton of interest in the Masters. We may see the site continue to rise in traffic especially because the 2016 Olympics will feature golf for the first time since 1904.U.S. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for April 2016


Another media site which had a superb April and rose 55 places in the rankings is Mansueto Ventures’ publication fastcompany.com. In terms of traffic, Fast Company rose only 2% in April, but when looking at pages per visit, Fast Company has been killing it. On both desktop and mobile, pages per visit to the site were up significantly, a crucial barometer for any publication. U.S. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for April 2016


Of Fast Company’s desktop traffic, 21% came via social media, slightly higher than the overall average of 17%. The leader in social media traffic however, is littlethings.com, a publication which won a SimilarWeb Digital Visionary Award for its 2015 growth. An astonishing 91% of Little Things’ desktop traffic came via social, of which 99% came from Facebook.  This trend repeats itself with youngcons.com who received 88% of their desktop traffic from social, and 99% of that traffic from Facebook.

Facebook is by far the most dominant social force among the top 10, but some publications remind us that other social media outlets simply cannot be ignored. For example, dose.com, a publication which rose 33 spots in the rankings, received 78% of their desktop traffic from social, and of this traffic, 11% came from StumbleUpon.


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