U.S. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for July 2016

These are the top publishers and publications in the US as of July 2016, ranked by combining desktop and mobile web page-views. To find last month’s US ranking, see the June 2016 list here.

At the top of the publishers ranking, MSN remains the gold standard, maintaining their number 1 position and even increasing page-views from 1.817 billion in June to 1.992 billion in July. After MSN, the rankings start to differ slightly from June, as Matt Drudge, publisher of drudgereport.com has moved up from 3rd to 2nd place overall. Dating back to our media rankings in February, Drudge had never reached higher than 3rd, but with a strong July of 1.472 billion page-views, the media publisher has pushed ahead of Disney and others for second place.

The largest overall growth belongs to Young Conservatives, LLC, publisher of youngcons.com who moved up 44 spots to now rank as the 104th largest US media publisher. In June, the publisher barely cracked the top 150, ranking 148th overall with just 13.5 million page-views. July, however, has been a radically different story for the conservative publisher and, on the strength of 30.6 million US page-views, Young Conservatives now rank ahead of publishers such as Liberty Alliance, VentureBeat, and countless others.

Find the complete list of 150 media publishers in the interactive chart below. Also available in the chart is each publisher’s desktop Facebook visits from Q2 2016 and how that has changed since Q1 2016.

Looking now at publications, there were only minor movements among the top publications and only one newcomer to the top 10. Moving up 3 places from 13th to 10th, usatoday.com benefitted from 494 million US page-views, up from 302 million in June. Though their increase in traffic is significant, their uptick in pages-per-visit is what put the Gannett Company publication over the top. In June, USA Today averaged 3.9 pages-per-visit on desktop, and in July that number increased 67% to 6.5 pages-per-visit.

This move up of 3 positions is certainly impressive, but looking at the overall list of 300, there were 20 publications who moved up at least 30 spots. Of these, several were sports related publications such as thebiglead.com (up 99 spots), mmajunkie.com (up 80 spots), and espncricinfo.com (up 63 spots), other were tech news sites such as gsmarena.com (up 31 spots), bgr.com (up 37 spots), techinsider.io (up 48 spots) or idigitaltimes.com (up 95 spots).

Also among the big winners of July, were several politically heavy news sites whose election focus has brought them up the rankings. Among publications, Young Conservatives was the overall winner, moving up 105 places to now rank 145th overall. Furthermore, other politically slanted publications such as fivethirtyeight.com (up 56 spots), thehill.com (up 29 spots), and washingtontimes.com (up 25 spots).

political sites trending

Another news/politics site which saw impressive July growth was mediaite.com who moved up 37 spots to rank 227th overall and increased their traffic by 51% since June. On desktop, Mediaite’s traffic was extremely well balanced with Direct, Organic Search, Social, and Referrals each responsible for a significant chunk of July traffic.


This well-balanced traffic is great news for Mediaite, especially in light of a recent Facebook announcement that changes will be made to the news feed algorithm, changes that “may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some Pages.”

In a recent study, we looked at the top publications receiving Facebook referral traffic over Q1 2016, and in the publications index below, we have updated each site with Q2 Facebook traffic and Q-over-Q change. A total of 9 publications grew their Facebook traffic by more than 50% while 22 publications saw Facebook traffic drop at least 50%. This could be ominous news for publishers who may be forced to look at other channels in order to maintain and increase page-views.

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