U.S. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for June 2016

These are the top U.S. media publishers and publications in the US as of April 2016. As always, our rankings are determined using SimilarWeb data that combines desktop and mobile page-views. To check out the top publishers and publications from last month, find the complete May ranking here

In the publishers index, the top 5 remain unchanged since May, and all 5 of theses publishers once again eclipsed 1 billion desktop and mobile page-views in the US. After the top 5, there were some minor moves among the top 10, with Yahoo moving up 2 spots to become the 6th largest media publisher in the US, while Advance Publications dropped 2 spots, from 6th to 8th.

Overall, Zealot Networks was the biggest winner in June as the publisher of viralnova.com jumped an impressive 54 to 102nd overall. The Daily Caller, another media publisher who saw a major rise in the June rankings, moved up 39 spots to sit within the top 50 overall. Interestingly, both these publishers are extremely desktop heavy and for both, about 90% of their June page-views in the US came on desktop, with very little coming from mobile web.

Discover the complete list of 150 publishers below including a column on social visits.

Looking now at publications, only 4 media sites in June were able to obtain over 1 billion US page-views: msn.com, espn.go.com, drudgereport.com, and news.google.com. After these 4, cnn.com increased their page-views by 8% and remained the 5th largest media publication in the US.

Over the month, several media publications were able to climb into the top 300, after not making the cut in May. This list is led by nerdist.com who ranked 303rd in May, but jumped 28 spots in June to now rank 275th overall. Nerdist was able to rise in the rankings on the strength of its increased pages per visits, a metric which rose on both desktop and mobile web. In May, the site averaged 1.78 pages per visit on desktop and 1.32 on mobile web, numbers that improved to 2.05 and 1.35 respectively.

The biggest winner in terms of overall growth was viralnova.com who increased both their traffic and pages per visit which helped them climb from 284th in May to 145th in June. Using SimilarWeb’s popular pages feature, we can discover that ViralNova’s most popular article on desktop was about a possible ghost sighting near Hamilton Ontario, while their most popular article on mobile web was regarding 5 strange places that are blocked by Google Maps.

This month, in addition to releasing our comprehensive ranking of publishers and publications, we have also included desktop data on how much traffic each publication got from social media as well as the social sources of that traffic. With this data, we can discover, for example, that BuzzFeed is the largest recipient of traffic from social media, with 82% of its 32,646,000 desktop visits coming via Facebook. That BuzzFeed is the top in terms of social traffic should come as no surprise as our recent study on Facebook referral traffic put BuzzFeed at the top of the rankings with 231,669,000 desktop referral visits from Facebook in Q1 2016.

Of BuzzFeed’s social traffic, only 2% came via Reddit, one of the lowest figures in this study. In contrast, liveleak.com is the gold standard for Reddit traffic, with a whopping 91% of its social traffic in June coming via Reddit. In fact, for 12 other media publications, Reddit was the source of the majority of their social media traffic.

Unlike Reddit, neither Twitter nor LinkedIn accounted for over 50% of the traffic to any one publication. With 43% of their social traffic coming from LinkedIn, crunchbase.com was the publication most reliant on LinkedIn traffic, while for Twitter, scout.com was tops with 42% of its social traffic thanks to Twitter.

Not surprisingly, Pinterest proved to be a major source of social traffic for publications centered around food and recipes. The top 3 publications relying on Pinterest traffic in June were myrecipes.com, followed by marthastewart.com, and bhg.com.

Discover the complete social rankings in the interactive table below.

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