Using SimilarSites to discover a website’s competitor set. is a recommendation engine used by over 6 million people every month. By simply entering a domain, it shows you a list of the most relevant websites in terms of content. It is a great discovery tool when you need to find out more of what you like online. Over the years, SimilarSites technology has been increasingly popular among the business community as a tool to discover competitors and/or find new leads online. It is now a central part of SimilarWeb to ensure you’re always on top of new competitor sites and can quickly benchmark your activity against theirs.

There are two ways in which you can use SimilarSites on SimilarWeb:

  1. When you choose to compare a website with your existing result, you’ll see that when you click on the ‘Compare button’ there’s a list of five Similar Sites. In the example below, you can see that when clicking on ‘compare’ after running a search on, the system automatically suggests pages like, and among others.
  2. On the SimilarSites section of the result page we’ll show you 20 thumbnails of the SimilarSites. You can sort this list by either rank or by similarity so you can prioritize their size or the affinity.

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