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Maintaining website traffic is every website owner’s aim. Key to achieving this is to provide engaging and original content. It’s difficult, however, to keep one step ahead of current trends and keep your readers happy. It’s not impossible though. I’m going to use SimilarWeb PRO to demonstrate how you can ensure people are clicking that bookmark option for your website.



Website stats for by SimilarWeb PRO

Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that’s sold the world over and a favorite read of females in their late 20s to 30s. SimilarWeb PRO shows that they have a respectable global rank and place highly in the competitive magazine market. Daily visits average around 85,000 and the average viewer checks out nearly 8 pages per visit. This indicates that Vogue is a website packed full of pages that readers click through quite happily.



Trending keywords for by SimilarWeb PRO

If you want to find out the content that your viewers are interested in, then it’s time to explore the keywords behind your site’s traffic. Using SimilarWeb PRO, I analyzed the trending keywords for by sorting the results by the ‘Change’ option. As you can see, there’s an emphasis on celebrities – Lindsey Vonn, Scarlett Johannson and Beyonce. I’m not fashionable enough to be in charge of Vogue, but if I were, I’d investigate potential articles on those three.  Another area to look into is long-tail keywords. These are less common, but can drive trending traffic. In this instance, Vogue should really concentrate on writing keyword rich content based on “new york fashion week 2014” to capitalize on this time dependent trend.


Referral traffic isn’t given enough credit for its usefulness in analyzing website traffic. I feel it’s essential in getting a feel for your readership and their needs.  With this is mind, I investigated Vogue’s referral traffic with SimilarWeb PRO and, again, sorted it by ‘Change’ to see which sites were sending traffic in Vogue’s direction. It was very interesting to see that similar styled sites such as Models, Polyvore, Tuula Vintage and Gala Darling were highly active referrers. Vogue can mine information – with SimilarWeb PRO – from these websites such as keywords and trends. This knowledge is extremely useful in developing a broader knowledge of what interests your readers.

Audience Interests


Topics distribution based on audience interests for by SimilarWeb PRO

SimilarWeb PRO is very handy as it can show you the other websites your viewers visited in the same browsing session as yours. This provides you with another resource for analyzing websites with a similar audience. Vogue, for example, could visit Style and Fashionista to identify what’s keeping their readers entertained via keywords and popular pages. This information is highly valuable in generating fresh content ideas for website owners. Another neat feature in this section of SimilarWeb is the tag cloud generated via the most popular topics visited on these other websites. It’s a ready-made brainstorm session which website owners can base content around.

Outgoing Links


Topics distribution for downstream traffic from by SimilarWeb PRO

The ‘Outgoing Links’ section located in the ‘Traffic Destination’ menu of SimilarWeb is another interesting area which can be used to generate content for websites. Of particular interest, in this area, is the tag cloud which paints a picture of the topics interesting people leaving your website. This provides an opportunity to keep visitors on your website and also generate new upstream traffic. A good example of this is the popularity of ‘instagram’ and ‘photo sharing’ for downstream traffic from Vogue. Immediately, this would spark off ideas of content based around the increased popularity of sharing fashion trends via Instagram.

Putting it all into action

With SimilarWeb PRO there’s no need to start with a blank piece of paper when trying to create new content for your website. By discovering what brings readers to your website such as keywords or referring sites, you can begin tailoring content which will keep them coming back. With SimilarWeb PRO you’re not limited to your own website. You can run the same research on any competitor’s website and get fresh insights for new content directions. Understanding your audience’s habits is also essential and this information is easily gleaned by finding out the upstream and downstream traffic routes to any website in your niche. So, instead of racking your brains trying to figure out what people want, use SimilarWeb PRO to get a clear answer for this question.

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