Using SimilarWeb Pro to uncover hidden trends in daily traffic

We’ve provided daily data for a few months now and it’s always surprising just what we find at this level of granularity. Corporate websites have used our tool to measure spikes in traffic following the publication of ads, news sites see spikes corresponding to big stories, and of course, e-commerce sites show spikes corresponding to sales. A few weeks ago, we investigated traffic on Black Friday, but it’s fun to see the results graphically.

Let’s use SimilarWeb Pro to display daily traffic for

bestbuy_com_audience_overview-4 global daily traffic for Nov, 2013

We also see some interesting trends when we investigate sites that exhibit periodic traffic patterns. LinkedIn is a classic example. Unless you’re a hard core LinkedIn fiend–and I won’t judge you if you are–you probably only surf this professional networking site during the work week. Our data backs this up. LinkedIn shows a substantial drop in traffic that starts every Friday doesn’t pick up again until Monday.

Linkedin daily traffic global daily traffic for Nov, 2013 

What about for countries that have a different work week? In Israel, the weekend starts on Friday and ends Saturday night. When we use SimilarWeb Pro to show only Israeli traffic to LinkedIN, we see the above chart shifted one day to the left to reflect the earlier start of the weekend.

Israeli LinkedIn Daily Traffic Israeli daily traffic for Nov, 2013

We see the opposite trend for movie ticket sites like Fandango. Fandango has its traffic spikes on the weekend.

Fandango Daily Traffic daily traffic, November, 2013

Finally, what about Facebook? Do people use Facebook more on the weekends when they’re at home or during the week when they’re at work?

Facebook Daily Traffic daily traffic, November, 2013

Flat! People use Facebook all the time, every day, everywhere. No big surprise.

Let us know if you find any other interesting trends or examples using our daily data. We’d love to hear from you.

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