Valentine’s Day Shopping

Valentine’s Day may be associated with romantic love, but at the end of the day, those who benefit the most are online retailers who feed off the holiday’s traditions. Men (and women) across America converge online before Valentine’s Day, looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in their lives. In some cases, these shoppers plan their gift weeks in advance, but in other cases, they procrastinate and go online hoping to score a suitable last minute gift.

Using SimilarWeb data, we analyzed market trends to determine what day people shop for 5 of the most common Valentine’s gifts: lingerie, jewelry, flowers, chocolates, and cards. To do this, we combined U.S. desktop data of leading websites in each category from January-February 2015. In each graph, the date that the industry peaks is in bold and the Valentine’s Day traffic is shown as well. All industries saw a drop in web traffic on Valentine’s Day, but some peaked much earlier than others, showing different consumer habits for different gifts

Of the 5 industries, lingerie peaked the earliest, as the industry saw its biggest traffic spike over 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day. The 10 lingerie sites examined-,,,,,,,, and, received a total of 228,000 U.S. visits on January 29th, far surpassing the traffic on any other day in the 2-month period from January to February 2015.



After lingerie, jewelry shoppers seem to be next best at ordering gifts early. Traffic to 10 leading jewelry sites peaked on February 8th, 6 days before Valentine’s Day. These 10 sites-,,,,,,,,, and, had 524,000 combined visits on February 8th and saw major increases in traffic in early February, with significant drops in the days before Valentine’s.



It’s February 12th and you forgot Valentine’s Day is in a couple days, don’t worry, just order flowers for your S.O. online. Traffic to 10 leading flower delivery websites –,,,,,,,,, and peaked on February 12th, far surpassing the traffic for any other day during the January- February period. On the 12th, these flower websites had almost 2 million U.S. desktop visits, a 94% increase compared to traffic on Valentine’s Day itself.



When it comes to last minute Valentine’s Day shopping, chocolate takes the cake. Procrastinating shoppers flocked to chocolate sites the day before Valentine’s Day, not leaving much time to ensure their S.O. would receive anything on time. The combined traffic to,,,, and, peaked on February 13th, with the 5 sites receiving a total of 347,000 visits. That figure is almost double what these sites received on the Valentine’s Day itself, when they combined for 174,000 visits.



If all else fails, and you forgot to order flowers, chocolates, or any other gifts, your last bet is probably to send an e-card and hope your S.O. still appreciates the gesture. The combined traffic of 5 e-card websites:,,,, and, peaked on February 14th, with far more traffic than any other day leading up to Valentine’s. These sites also had significant traffic on New Year’s Day, with 1,643,000 visits, but Valentine’s Day had 30% more traffic, with a combined 2,145,000 desktop visits.



Asides from gift-giving, Valentine’s Day is also one of the most popular day for couples to get engaged and for many couples, Valentine’s Day is their proposalversary. However, not all proposals have a happy ending and in some cases, the ring isn’t met with the desired ‘yes’. When this happens, there’s little left to do but to try and recoup some of the loss by re-selling the engagement ring online. As such, traffic to, an engagement ring re-seller site, spiked on February 16th, 2 days after Valentine’s Day. Better luck next time!


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