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Analyzing what’s driving people to your site allows you to see which strategies are successful and which are not. These successful strategies can then be applied to new or existing content to boost their performance in capturing traffic. I decided to investigate this approach by using SimilarWeb PRO to take a look at Website Analysis


Overview of visitor numbers and rankings for between Oct ’13 – Mar 14 by SimilarWeb PRO is a beauty community which operates via their website and a Facebook app. The core idea of is for users to sign up and share makeup tips such as creating a 60s chic hairstyle. The member uploading the tips can advise on the products used and a set of instructions to achieve the look. Other members can then vote either “I would” or “I wouldn’t” to voice their opinion on the quality of the tip. was launched just under 3 years ago, in Tel Aviv, and their visitor figures reflect their startup status. Welcoming around 8,000 desktop users a day with progress being made and certain beauty tips such as ‘cat eye makeup’ rank very high in search results. Nonetheless, visitor figures have halved between Nov ’13 – Mar ’14, so examining their traffic strategies couldn’t come at a better time.

Traffic Sources


Breakdown of traffic sources for between Oct ’13 – Mar ’14 by SimilarWeb PRO

Nearly ¾ of the traffic reaching comes via social traffic sources and illustrates that the preferred method of engaging with the brand is across social networks. Way back in 2nd place is direct traffic sources which comprise the hardcore fans of The third most popular traffic source comes from search results. We’ll concentrate on looking at social and search sources to see how these can help expand their content.

Social Traffic


Most popular referring social pages for between Oct ’13 – Mar ’14 by SimilarWeb PRO

With over 1.8 million members making up their Facebook community, it’s no surprise that over 90% of social traffic comes from Facebook. Pinterest, YouTube and Reddit also make appearances in the top 10 referring social pages, but make up just over 1% of the top 10. Twitter doesn’t even get a look in despite having 117k followers., then, are very well established on Facebook, but need to concentrate on establishing better communities on other social network sites e.g. setting up an official YouTube channel could lead to links being spread across Twitter. Pinterest, a social network that is composed with a similar target audience as, might also serve as a very good social traffic source for them. An additional bonus of scattering links across social media is that it helps with SEO as well.



Most popular keywords for between Oct ’13 – Mar ’14 by SimilarWeb PRO


Organic keywords vs paid keywords for between Oct ’13 – Mar ’14 by SimilarWeb PRO

One of the biggest makeup trends of 2014 is ‘cat eyes’ and searches connected to this are bringing in the majority of’s viewers. With branded keywords excluded from the keyword results, cat eyes make up 6 out of 10 of the most popular keywords. Only one branded keyword was present in the top 10 before the filter was applied, so this highlights that use good SEO techniques as their brand isn’t big enough yet to rely on for search traffic.

Clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to the leading keyword in the list, took me to the search result page on Google where I found this page ranked in the top of the SERP. This specific post has almost 14K shares and has managed to perform well in organic results, both in ranks and CTR. What’s interesting here is I couldn’t find any other page on which matched this page’s success.  This is either a one time fluke or might be an unrealized arbitrage.





One area that don’t appear to have embraced is paid keywords – they’re responsible for less than 1% of search visits. Whilst this is great for keeping marketing budgets down, it also restricts the site’s exposure to new viewers. Some investment in this area could really help expand’s customer base by guiding new visitors to their content. For example, bidding on ‘liquid eyeliner’ would be beneficial as it’s the third most popular type of makeup featured in the keywords, but that particular, and simple, keyword is not featured., therefore, still have room to improve their SEO.

How To…


Most popular “how to” keywords for between Oct ’13 – Mar ’14 by SimilarWeb PRO

The keyword results were interesting in that 5 out of the top 10 keyword searches started with “how to”. Using the search section on SimilarWeb PRO, I decided to see what the top keyword searches containing “how to” were. All the results revolved around eye makeup and illustrated that other beauty areas such as lips, hair and nails proved less popular with visitors. Represented heavily, again, were ‘cat eyes’, so’s strategy to promote tips regarding ‘cat eyes’ has been very successful. By identifying what has made it so successful, they can transfer this knowledge to other ‘how to’ guides and bring a wider range of subjects into the top keyword results.

Tips for might not want to be known as “the cat eye’s website”, but the majority of visitors seem to be mostly interested in that at the moment. This is, of course, partly down to offline fashion trends, but need to analyze what has made it so successful. Once this is established, it’s a simple case of transposing the philosophy onto other ‘how to’ guides. To expand even further, and bring in higher visitor numbers, also need to start using other social network platforms to better effect. Relying on just Facebook is a dangerous gamble and, more importantly, unnecessary in an age where several social networks are huge in terms of visitor numbers and engagement. Bringing more visitors in via search engines is also an area that needs improvement, so we would recommend more investment in PPC.

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